The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that US sanctions will not make Moscow change its policies and warned that the ‘invented excuse’ used by Washington was ‘diluting’ the international system of chemical weapons control.

“All charges voiced by the US side are ephemeral but the restrictions introduced today are very real, even though they are largely a copy of the already existing ones… And the exclusion of supplies related to space research programs and aircraft safety from the sanctions regime only confirm the hypocrisy and bias of the American authorities,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Monday.

Zakharova also said that, in its latest anti-Russian move, the United States used “a completely invented” connection to the Skripal case, the investigation of which has not ended yet, in order to blame Moscow.

“They accuse us of complicity with the Salisbury tragedy and question the destruction of all stockpiles of its chemical weapons by Russia. Following the already established tradition they present no proof, but they demand a “wholehearted confession” from Moscow as well as access to the chemical sites,” the Russian diplomat said.

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