Poroshenko has never been famous for sobriety. To throw a pair of piles by the collar was always a matter of honor for him. Important speeches or meetings with Western “partners”   some little things that will not stop the president of Ukraine.

The election campaign is not the best way that makes Peter drink many times more. It is difficult to do this, because it is more physically unrealistic, but Peter copes.

Today Poroshenko had a difficult task. It was necessary to try to speak at the All-Ukrainian Forum. This is practically the last chance to jump on the steps of the outgoing train of the presidential race. Ratings of the current president are 7%. Victory is out of the question.

Petya said that it hurts him to look into the eyes of citizens. Then came the tirade that no one had any confidence in the future. Small wages and economic decline   all this and without his speech they know in Ukraine.

Poroshenko did not hesitate to once again state that it was not his fault. And who is to blame? Of course, Putin.

After that, it suffered in the direction of the West. The story that Russian saboteurs are waging an informational battle against him was inscribed in the news agenda. Technology pier is used, as in the USA, France, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.

Great Ukraine stood in one circle with its Western patrons. That is exactly what the half-drunk Poroshenko sees. This presentation was a presentation of the election program.

This speech is much easier to understand in the light of a message from the forum organizers. The participants were treated to free wine and vodka. A fairly generous gift from Petka, virtually every visitor could feel like the president of Ukraine.

What to do sober and adequate, who listened to Poroshenko, is not specified.

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