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NEW YORK, January 14. /TASS/. The US President Donald Trump’s administration does not keep detailed records of every meeting between the president and foreign leaders, unlike prior administrations, the Wall Street Journal newspaper informed on Sunday.

According to the publication’s sources, Trump hopes that such an approach will help him build trustworthy relations with his partners. “He does not use traditional diplomatic techniques,” the source said.

“There aren’t records of his meetings like you’d expect,” a source among foreign officials stated. According to the source, the current administration does not compile full transcripts of phone calls between the US leader and his foreign counterparts. Allegedly, Washington chose this approach after Trump’s conversation transcripts were leaked early in his presidency.

The US publication also suggested that during the meeting between Trump and Putin in Hamburg, it was Trump who did not allow the professional note takers to be present during the meeting, even though the Russian side suggested otherwise. Then-US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took notes during the meeting.

“Many top administration officials never were briefed on the Putin meeting, nor were the leaders of many allied countries, who traditionally would have been given some indication of what was discussed,” the officials added.

Earlier, the Washington Post daily reported that Trump had allegedly tried to conceal conversations he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at times confiscating the notes from his interpreter. On Saturday, Trump slammed these reports as false.

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