Natalya Danina, project manager of the Russian company HeadHunter Wage Data Bank, told about the wage situation Russians can expect in 2019

According to her, this year, working specialties will probably be more highly paid.

This is due to the demand for such personnel in the past year. Thus, the number of vacancies for working specialties increased in relation to 2017 by 205%. This year, the demand for working specialties continues to grow.

In addition, there is a high demand for drivers, couriers, sales assistants in retail sales, as well as b2b sales managers.

Given the shortage of personnel, employers have to offer job seekers more attractive working conditions or higher wages, the expert says.

Analysis of the dynamics of wages in 2018 showed that software developers are at the top of the ranking of professional areas. Thus, the average salary for these specialists is 130,579 in Moscow and 77,860 in the regions.

Also well paid both in the capital and in the regions are the employees of consulting in the field of information technology, database administration, development and sales.

According to Danina, it is highly likely that this trend will continue this year.
The expert concluded that in 2018 there was a noticeable steady increase in wages among all Russian employers in general.

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