Who is crazy? Stunning steel detective (PHOTOS)

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A detective story that unfolds before our eyes, but runs the risk of going unnoticed and underestimated. And its author is the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Mr. Lutsenko.

The Ukrainian authorities arrested more than 3 thousand tons of products of the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant (steel sheets) in the port of Mariupol. The combine, if someone does not remember, is located on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

On November 1, Peremogh was announced by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in his Facebook.

However, after a day, questions began.

And they were caused by “secret data” not leaked to the media, but by the most elementary media reports. Moreover, I emphasize boldly – messages in the Ukrainian media.

And Peremoga, as always, begins to shift, if not to my senses, then in general, do not understand that it is blue and yellow. However, judge for yourself.

If you translate Lutsenko into Russian, you get the following:

The arrested cargo was transported by ship under the flag of Liberia from the “Russian port” to Belgium.

Well, peremoga the same? “Their answer” to Russian sanctions and all that.

However, given that the devil is in the details, I take them (the devil and the details) out of my pocket and start asking smart questions.

First, we look at the photos that Mr. Prosecutor kindly provided us.

In the beginning – the ship. The name is clearly visible: “Comet”. “Comet”, if translated from German.

Why from German? Because the flag of Liberia is the flag of Liberia. And I am sure that it is not worth explaining what it is.

And the operator of the vessel is quite a German company Blumenthal JMK from Hamburg. Among sailors, the company enjoys not very good fame, apparently, also because the Germans rule in cooperation with the Filipinos, because there is chaos, deception, robbery. On the specialized forums mat-peremat worth.

But – shipowners absolutely do not bother about the cargo. In terms of his righteousness, correctness, documents and other things.

By the way, Lutsenko did not say whether the ship was arrested. Cargo – arrested, what about the ship? It is clear that most likely they will not arrest. Against the Germans, the Ukrainian still does not shine.

And then we have miracles on the turns begin.

There are a number of portals that allow you to track the movement of ships and vessels. MarineTraffic, VesselFinder, AIS tracker, for example. I used the first one.

information on “Comet”

So, “Comet” entered the port of Mariupol on October 28. Yes, the previous port, which the ship called in, was really Russian Temryuk (Krasnodar Territory). And here miracles begin.

Again, read Lutsenko.

Ukrainian authorities arrested in the port of Mariupol 3,000 tons of products of the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, which carried the ship “Kometa” from the Russian port.

Feel the birth of a tsunami ukrobreda? And I also feel.

The fact that 3,000 tons (and this is a bunch rather big) from Alchevsk someone (or something) moved to Temryuk … There is only one question: why Temryuk? Not Yeisk, not Taganrog, which will be pretty close?

Why then not Novorossiysk? And then Temryuk … 600–700 km from Alchevsk.

No, it is clear that the Russian soul is darkness, and we could send Alchevsk metal from Sukhumi. In order to disguise. But nonetheless.

But we have what Mr. Prosecutor Lutsenko has. And he has us in the brain, not at all embarrassed.

So, the crew of the Comet plunged incomprehensibly like Alchevsk car hire in Temryuk and came to Mariupol. Where, somehow, Ukrainian customs officers discovered the stolen metal and arrested him.

And what, well done, the service is carried.

You can still speak to the Russians, who so nicely set up the crew of the Comet.

But if you scratch your head, and even remember how things are with the transport in the LC, and estimate how cheap 3,000 tons of metal products can be transported to the port …

And it turns out that Mr. Lutsenko is lying like on the eve of the election.

Just to transport so much metal to Russia is a problem, because there is no railway connection as such. Well, just not there. There are many reasons, but they are not interesting for us now. The fact is that everything has been brought to the republic by motor transport since that time, and the situation has not changed at all.

How much should you be an economic idiot in order to transfer a few hundred kilometers from Alchevsk to Temryuk metal using motor transport, Mr. Lutsenko?

Probably, you need to be Mr. Lutsenko, no less.

But from Alchevsk to Mariupol less than 200 kilometers. And (if you really need) railway communication may be formed. This is a fact that is not spoken out loud on both sides of the front line, but …

But the presence of Alchevsk metal in Mariupol is much more logical than in Temryuk. Especially since from the very beginning of the Donbass events, Alchevsk rolled out from Mariupol to consumers. Especially foreign.

At one time, one commander of the people’s militia spent a lot of nerves trying to straddle the Alchevsk plant and stop its foreign economic activity. But did not succeed.

And the rental continued to be produced and left to consumers. All along the same lines Alchevsk – Mariupol – the sea – the consumer. Why invent something new if the old one works great?

By the way, Lutsenko’s photo evidence from his page confirms this. If you look closely at the sheets of hire, it will become clear to anyone who understands a little bit that these sheets have not been touched for a long time. Long lie. And they are completely different from the sheets that were pulled back and forth with cranes, from the platform to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the ship, from the ship to this platform.

On the contrary, it is quite normal that something was taken from the last pack.

Does not agree with you, Mr. Lutsenko.

Unless, of course, assume that this is a photo in Temryuk. And there are simply rusting deposits of metal from Alchevsk. But we do not believe in such miracles, we believe that according to the “gray” schemes the metal from Alchevsk, as always, got to Mariupol, and there the customs officers grabbed it for the sake of peremoga.

By the way, quite logical. That which is immersed in the “Comet” will go (well, I have no doubt about it) to Belgium, but the rest did not fit, the remnants are now solemnly arrested.

Well, nothing else traces of loading parts of the metal, I will not explain. As well as the fact that a handful of 3,000 tons doesn’t pull.

In general, the next Peremoga again turned into a zrad. Which is not surprising, in general, for consistency is a sign of mastery. And in zrady Ukrainian rulers fly just with enviable constancy.

What, in fact, congratulations to Mr. Lutsenko!

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Roman Skomorokhov

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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