Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto during a press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the hypocrisy of Western countries towards Russia. Speech by politicians showed channel Fox News.

During his speech, Pompeo spoke about the significant increase in Russia’s influence in the international arena, and also added that she wants to split the cohesion of NATO allies. In addition, he stressed that the Russian side “does not share the desire for freedom.”

“We cannot allow Putin to sow split between NATO friends. Hungary knows from its own history that authoritarian Russia will never be a friend of the freedom and sovereignty of smaller countries, ”the US Secretary of State said.

In response to this statement, Siyarto stressed that cooperation with Moscow would not prevent Budapest from being a reliable ally for the United States and NATO. At the same time, he cited examples of the hypocrisy of the West in relation to Russia.

“As for Russia, I told the Secretary of State about this, this is a huge hypocrisy and political correctness in the political arena of Europe. Because these are not Hungarian or Central European energy companies participating in Nord Stream 2 with Gazprom.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, not the Prime Minister of Hungary, but the French President was called as the main guest. And not the heads of the Hungarian energy companies, but the leaders of the largest Western corporations were sitting on the stage next to Putin, ”Siyarto said.

In addition, the Hungarian Foreign Minister called for an assessment of the scale of trade between European countries and Russia, in order to make sure that Budapest does not have the closest ties with Moscow.

“Look at the data on trade between Western European countries and Russia. We are, so to say, quite annoyed that you portray us as if we have close ties with Russia, ”said Siyarto.

In 2014, against the background of the conflict in Ukraine, the European Union imposed sanctions against Russia. After that, the West several times decided to extend the restrictive measures, and also linked their removal to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Moscow responded to food embargo sanctions and headed for import substitution. Russia has repeatedly stressed that it is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict or a “Minsk-2” subject, and considers the introduction of restrictive measures counterproductive.

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