‘We never sought to enter UK base, guards talked to us’ – says Russian reporter accused of ‘spying’

A Russian journalist accused by British media of ‘spying’ on a UK cyberwarfare facility has told RT that his crew never intended to get inside, adding it was the base guards who actually spoke to the Russian TV crew first. Russia’s Channel 1 crew indeed visited Berkshire, where the 77th Brigade is based, to make a report about it, the channel’s the UK Bureau chief Timur Siraziev told RT. However, the Russian journalists were open about their job, and never tried to snoop on the facility. A routine episode in the work of pretty much any journalist has caught the obsessive attention of almost every major UK media outlet, after the British Army issued a special warning calling on soldiers to under no circumstances talk to Russian journalists and to immediately call the police if they see one. The unusually harsh reaction to a simple news report quickly prompted the British media to squarely assume the Russians were “spying” on what turned out to be a secret UK military facility tasked…

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