First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, Alexander Sherin commented on the RT media reports that the United States is preparing to send one of its ships to the Black Sea after an incident with Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait.

“This is a continuation of the informational struggle and the heightening of fear, a kind of psychological treatment of the Russian Federation, an attempt to push for some kind of action. Also, this information can be a kind of support to Petro Poroshenko in his election campaign, ”said the deputy.

Sherin also noted that “every candidate in Ukraine has his own script for holding elections.”

“Pyotr Alekseevich has this simple script – he plays war games. He came up with an opponent, and his friends – or rather, overseas owners – he played along with him. Only here to restrain Russian aggression against whom in the Black Sea? Ukraine has no Black Sea fleet. American ships there are absolutely meaningless. We have such statements do not cause concern. And this is not bravado, but a fact, ”he concluded.

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