Today, three quarters of Russians are familiar with the concept of “homeopathic treatment” (74%). 38% of respondents have personal or family experience of using homeopathic medicines among those who are informed about homeopathy, 58% of them positively evaluate their effectiveness. It is also noteworthy that over the past year the index of the perceived effectiveness of homeopathic treatment over the past year increased from +7 to +17 points. Such data from the study “Knowledge and practice of Russians in the field of healthy lifestyle. The relationship between the application of the homeopathic method and other practices in the field of health preservation” was presented by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

The declared confidence in the homeopathic method of treatment in the form of an index of perceived effectiveness over the last year increased from +7 to +17 points. However, 41% of respondents who have heard of homeopathy have never used this method, and 21% do not even know whether the drugs they use are homeopathic or not. At the same time, in a situation of searching for information about a method of treatment or medicine, 71% of respondents will consult a doctor, 29% will be guided by their own experience, and 12% will act independently, based on information obtained from the Internet and books.

The study showed that almost half of Russians (42%) will normally react to the fact that the doctor will prescribe him homeopathic treatment either as monotherapy (5%) or in combination with other drugs (37%). Among those who have experience of personal or family use of homeopathy, both are higher — 8% and 63%, respectively.

Fedot Tumusov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Chairman of the Expert Council on Improving Legislative Regulation in the Field of Complementary Medicine: “ There is no legal ban on the use of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is one of the methods of treatment. Today its role is increasing and in prevention, and in rehabilitation. But for now, homeopathic remedies for us occupy an undeservedly small fraction in the process of treatment. There are many reasons for which Nima, but in terms of legislative support to the admission of homeopathic medicines on the Russian market problems we have today actually there. So I think that there should be, in the course of health care reform, and to develop this direction. “

Vladimir Yegorov, President of the National Association of Traditional Medicine and Wellness Practices, Member of

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