“VSUshniki” undermined in minefields: a summary of the military situation in the Donbas

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Russian Spring publishes a full summary of the military situation in the DPR over the past 24 hours following today’s briefing by the official representative of the UNM DPR, Daniel Bezsonov.

Over the past day, the enemy has violated the cease-fire 10 times. Shots from the Ukrainian armed forces were subjected to areas 5 settlements of the Republic.

On the Gorlovka direction, the militants of the 58th motorized infantry brigade under the command of the war criminal Drapatoy released 20,120-mm mines in the area of ​​the mine named after Gagarin.

In the Donetsk direction, from the standpoint of the 93rd mechanized and 35th brigade of marines under the command of war criminals Bryzhinsky and Palas, there was fire using grenade launchers, weapons of infantry fighting vehicles and small arms, including Dokuchaevsk and Yasinovataya.

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In the Mariupol direction, militants of the 79th Air Assault Brigade fired 82 mm of mortar shells, grenade launchers and small arms at Sakhanka and Bezymennoe settlements.

The enemy’s firing points were destroyed by return fire from non-prohibited weapons. The enemy’s losses were: one killed and three wounded.

The command of the Marine Corps of the Ukrainian Navy conducted an analysis of the reasons for the dismissal of soldiers of the private and non-commissioned officers, during which it was found that the main reason for dismissal is the lack of desire to do military service under the contract due to the discrepancy between the promises of command and reality.

The servicemen are outraged by the payment of monetary allowances not in full, with extortion from the commanders and the purchase of uniforms at their own expense. Also the main reason for dismissal is the lack of career growth.

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In this regard, the commander of the 35th Marine Brigade was ordered to develop an individual career plan for each soldier and, before May 15, bring to the personnel of the contractual service the prospects for their service.

Particularly difficult situation is in terms of incomplete positions of driver-mechanics, which is 45% of the staff.

According to the available information, in order to rectify the situation, the brigade command selects personnel of this category at the “Wide Lan” military range in the Nikolaev region.

In the “EP” zone, the non-combat losses of the Armed Forces military personnel continue to grow So, on April 3, 93 Ombre servicemen, while driving drunk in a Ural vehicle, drove into their own minefield in the area n. v. Verkhnetoretsky.

As a result of a mine exploded, two servicemen of the brigade were wounded of varying degrees of severity: Lieutenant Matsyuk N. P. and a soldier Narizhny A. S. Another soldier of the 79th unit received gunshot wounds as a result of careless handling of weapons.

The reasons for the above incidents were poor control by the commanders of units and brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over personnel.

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Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to suffer non-combat losses. On April 2, a militant of a separate assault brigade of the Right Sector assault command squadron *, which is part of the 10th military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a native of Khodorov, Lviv region, Roman Fedoryshyn died as a result of a car crash in the Avdeevka area. The car, which, as the examination found out, Fedorishin drove drunk, rolled over two times.

During the preliminary investigation, it became clear that the dead fighter had been in unauthorized absence since March 31. According to this fact, the commission of “OOS” headquarters is working at 10 okshbr. The commission hides the results of the work from the higher command, as it is afraid of being punished for the death of the militant caused by the lack of control over the personnel of the brigade at all levels.

The relatives of Fedorishin are informed of the circumstances of his death, which do not correspond to reality.

So far, the headquarters of “OOS” has not published at least some information and, for obvious reasons, continues to remain silent. We expect from the “reliable source” the true causes of the death of Fedorishin, which the parents did not receive from the command, and do not exclude that, according to the already established tradition, once again the non-combat loss of their unfortunate fighter will be presented as the result of shelling People’s Militia.

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* extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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