VSU “jammed” OSCE drones: a summary of the military situation in the Donbas

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Russian Spring publishes a full summary of the military situation in the DPR over the past 24 hours following today’s briefing by the official representative of the UNM DPR, Daniil Bezsonov.

Over the past day, the enemy violated the cease-fire 19 times. Shots from the Ukrainian armed forces were subjected to areas of 12 settlements of the Republic.

On the Gorlovka direction, the militants of the 58th motorized infantry and 30th mechanized brigades under the command of war criminals Drapatogo and Garaz fired grenades and small arms at the village of them. Gagarin, Dolomite and Zaitsevo.

In the Donetsk direction, from the positions of the 28th and 93rd mechanized brigades and the 57th motorized infantry brigade under the command of the war criminals Marchenko, Klochkov and Mishanchuk, 120 and 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms, including large-caliber, were fired According to NP: Yasinovataya, Spartak, Lozovoe, Krutaya Balka and the area of ​​the airport of Donetsk.

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In the Mariupol direction, militants of the 79th Airborne Brigade under the command of the war criminal Kurach from grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns and small arms fired at the districts of Leninist, Sakhanka, Kominternovo and October.

According to updated data, as a result of shelling from the standpoint of the 79th airborne assault brigade in the area of ​​the settlement of On the night of February 8-9, Talakovka damaged three houses at the address: Kirov Street, 1 and 3, Akhmatova Street, 23.

All information on the attacks with the application of photo and video materials sent to representatives of international organizations located in the Republic, as well as transferred to the General Prosecutor’s Office to initiate criminal proceedings on the facts of the crimes of the Ukrainian side.

Despite appeals by Western leaders and the OSCE leadership for the rigorous implementation of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian side continues to show disdain for them, especially as it relates to the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

According to the information we have, on February 3 at the training ground near the settlement of Urzuf conducted special training sessions, during which practical measures were worked out for entering firing positions and preparing for battle the 300-mm Smerch MLRS from the 15th Rocket Regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces.

I note that the removal of the landfill where these classes were held is 49 kilometers from the contact line, which is a direct violation of the Minsk agreements.

Our intelligence captures not only internal displacements and heavy weapons to the line of contact, but also the arrival of additional heavy weapons systems from the depths of Ukraine to the combat zone.

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Thus, in the Novopavlovka area of ​​Krasnoarmeysky district, 40 kilometers from the line of contact, 9 units of 203-mm self-propelled 2S7 Pion guns from the 43rd artillery brigade were noted.

In addition, we have repeatedly noted the work of mobile radio-electronic warfare groups in the region of the settlement. Krasnogorovka with the task of suppressing the control channels of OSCE drones, who carried out photo and video fixation of banned Ukrainian weapons.

In addition to the EW stations two days ago, the command of the 28th Mechanized Brigade deployed three Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems to more effectively counter the unmanned aerial vehicles of the Mission.

We express the hope that the observers of the OSCE Mission, performing tasks in these areas, will not leave these facts without attention.

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