US President Donald Trump called Saudi Arabia’s explanation of the death of journalist Jamal Hashukji “the worst legend in history.”

“They had a very bad plan from the outset, they executed it badly,” said the American leader.

Trump added that he leaves it up to Congress to decide on measures regarding Saudi Arabia in connection with the murder of a journalist, but lawmakers will have to consult with him.

Earlier, US Vice President Mike Pence said that Washington considers it necessary to punish those responsible for the killing of Hashukji.

“The world is watching, Americans want answers, and we will demand them. But along with the requirement to punish the perpetrators of this barbaric act, we will do it taking into account and in the context of our national interests in the region, ”said Pence.

He recalled more than half a century Washington’s relations with Riyadh and said that they “are key to US security and prosperity.”

Murder of a journalist

Saudi journalist Khashukji worked as a columnist for the American newspaper The Washington Post and has been living in the United States since 2017. He criticized the actions of the Saudi authorities after the appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as the crown prince.

Hashukji disappeared in Turkey on October 2 after he came to the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul for documents to remarry. For more than two weeks, the leadership of the Saudi diplomatic missions in Turkey claimed that the journalist had left the consulate.

On the night of October 20, the state media of Saudi Arabia published a message from the country’s Prosecutor General that, according to preliminary data, Khashukji was dead and an unplanned quarrel with the consulate staff led to his death. In this case, 18 people are being detained, who are being questioned; the Saudi authorities are trying to establish the truth and bring all the perpetrators to justice.

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