US doesn’t care about Idlib or al-Qaeda – they’re just obsessed with undermining Russia, Syria and Iran

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz didn’t wait for the ink to dry on the deal signed by the Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami and his Syrian counterpart Ali Ay’youb “to rebuild the Syrian Army” and warned that his country will attack Iranian forces inside Syria. Moreover, the US vowed to stay in Syria until Iran leaves. Both the US and Israel are aware that Iran will stay in Syria as long as the Syrian government considers its presence crucial to its national security. But the Levant is not the only theatre observing a bras-de-fer between Iran and the US: negotiations over a government in Iraq are heating up, and Iran will not come out a loser to the benefit of the US. Its domestic allies are too strong and therefore some cooperation is needed to form a government. Nevertheless, Sayyed Ali Khamenei remains adamant: no deal with the current US establishment. So, what can we expect in the days to come?

US provocations of Russia and Syria never cease: John Bolton and the US Secretary of State spokesperson said the US will “act very strongly” if Syria uses chemical arms while retaking Idlib. But why would the Syrian Army leadership use chemical bombs in their last battle in the occupied north-east province?

Decision makers in Syria said, “To date, Turkey has failed to control or merge Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (aka Nusra) with its other proxies operating in Idlib and surrounding. Russia gave Ankara enough time and a further extension in response to a Turkish request to postpone the attack on Idlib. The only thing Turkey has accomplished is a collaboration with Russia to create a positive environment for reconciliation and for those willing to return to the Syrian controlled areas to leave the city. Nevertheless, jihadists are arresting hundreds of men and threatening that their families should not leave the city. These civilians are used as human shields for Western media to scream louder for international intervention to prevent the liberation of Idlib; it is the jihadists who benefit from this Islamic Emirate safe haven”.

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