Ukrainian pranker Yevgeny Volnov (his real name is Nikita Kuvikov) on the YouTube-channel live channel mocked the tragedy of Magnitogorsk.

At the moment, the video has been deleted, while the broadcast record was saved on the blogger’s twitter account.

Volnov telephoned the residents of Magnitogorsk, introduced himself as an EMERCOM officer and intimidated them with “new explosions”. He also contacted utilities and relatives of the victims.

In addition, the pranker phoned the local branch of the FSB and asked the hotline officer to tell him where the next explosion would occur.

During the broadcast, the villain collected cash donations from viewers, and after the first information about himself appeared in the media, he called Russian journalists “animals.”

In March last year, Volnov spread false information about the “three hundred dead” during a fire in Kemerovo’s Winter Cherry shopping center. In fact, the tragedy claimed the lives of 60 people. Later, the blogger admitted that he had lied about the number of victims in order to “catch up on the degree of intensity”.

Then the Basmanny Court of Moscow, at the request of the UK, arrested the pranker in absentia. Kuvikov was declared internationally wanted.

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