Ukraine’s chief rabbi calls law on renaming of Ukrainian Orthodox Church unconstitutional

Ukraine’s chief rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich has spoken in defense of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, calling the law on its renaming unconstitutional. “The state wants to decide for the Church what it should be called […] We cannot exclude 20-25% of Ukraine’s population and say they are low-grade citizens if they belong to this church. These people are Ukrainians, too, they live in Ukraine and they believe in God,” Yaakov Dov Bleich, who also chairs the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious Organizations, said in an interview with Glavcom. “The decision made by the Verkhovna Rada means that no religion can feel protected from state interference in Ukraine. Today’s it’s the Moscow Patriarchate, tomorrow it’s Muslims, Jews, etc. That is, if the state doesn’t like you, it can interfere. Because the state tells you how to believe in God,” the rabbi said. Yaakov Dov Bleich said he was absolutely certain that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko would not sign that law because it…

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