How refreshing when a country’s mainstream TV tells the truth, instead of the dishonest and deluded eulogies spouted by the American mainstream …

These Russians were absolutely brutal:

“He’s a monster! … He should have been put in a cage and shown around the world as an example of human depravity!”

“We must always call the scoundrels out! call (people like McCain) what they are: SCOUNDRELS!, BASTARDS!, CRIMINALS!

“He doesn’t elicit any sympathy as an enemy. … because he’s insidious and ruthless.”

“He has a major psychological hang-up, caused by the fact that he was shot down in Vietnam by Russians, … caused by the fact that he sang like a canary … this grew into an absolutely Satanic malice towards Russia.”

“Can you imagine what would have happened, if such people had come to power? What would have happened to us?”

“He’s a monster! Look! – there!, there! … (pointing to the TV screen showing Gaddafi being sodomized with a sword and beaten to death), When McCain saw this, he said he hoped Putin end up the same way.”

“He was depraved and vile to talk that way! He’s a monster!”

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