This is the era of the Antichrist: the hierarch of the Greek Church spoke about the betrayal of Bartholomew leading into the abyss (PHOTOS)

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Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church of Kalavria and Egiali Ambrose (Lenis) spoke strongly about Patriarch Bartholomew and his actions. Translated from the Greek by the Union of Orthodox Journalists of Ukraine.

The new “fruit” that prevails in our time, both ecclesiastically and politically, is the unification of peoples and religions.

Ecumenism or, in other words, the ecumenical movement is a movement that is actively promoted in the church space and has as its goal the unification of various religions and religious confessions.

The “little brother” of ecumenism is globalization, a parallel trend that is actively moving in the political arena and aimed at uniting nations.

What is relevant to the people, i.e. globalization, is carried out by political leaders, parties and personalities. And the part relating to the Church, that is, ecumenism, exercises church leadership.

All these efforts have one motive and one goal – to create a new formation on earth, referred to as the “new class”. This is being done mainly by international Zionism, that is, from the Jewish side, and is aimed at the disappearance of both ethnic and religious features. In other words, all people should become a certain single “sum”.

The entire population of the earth will be lumped together (αχταρμάς), as His Beatitude Archbishop Christodoulus said. What is αχταρμάς? It is a mixture, confusion, confusion. Usually this word is used in a negative sense when objects are badly mixed, or, in other words, when, instead of solving a problem, we confuse it even more.

This plan of globalization, which is carried out here – in Greece, once the former cradle of Orthodoxy, in the country of Greek Orthodox Christians, we observe among the achievements of the godless Education Minister Mr. Costas Gavroglu.

This is the man who introduced the lesson of religious studies in our schools. From now on, the figures of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, etc., are equalized in the minds of Greek children. The subject of the study of religions, thanks to the help and with the connivance of our fellow metropolitans, became a lesson in religious studies.

The destroyer of our Christian traditions, a person who does not put them in anything, none other than a mustache dandy in the guise of a minister, is the minister of illiteracy and ignorance Mr. Kostas Gavroglu. This person often makes unacceptable public statements that cause us pain and frustration.

But, of course, the leader in the destruction of Orthodox tradition and faith in the Savior of Christ here in our Greece is another dandy, an inglorious “comrade” (hint at Tsipras’s communist past — Ed.), Godless Greek Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras, a man who, unfortunately, does not have a drop of honor (in Greek. Τσίπα / tsypa – Ed.). Without hesitation, he destroys everything that constitutes our religious and national consciousness.

This is all about globalization, which is led from foreign centers controlled by Zionism, Freemasonry, Mr. Soros and others.

And now let us turn to ecumenism, which directly interests us. Ecumenism is trying to erase the boundaries that are shared by various Christian confessions.

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In Christianity, there are three directions: Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism. The differences between them are huge! Mostly, they are dogmatic, but ritual differences also remain insurmountable for centuries.

However, some “overcome” them, ie, shamelessly overlooked. As an example, I will inform you that a Catholic or Uniate cannot accept honest sacraments in an Orthodox church.

However, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew taught Divine secrets to Uniate – President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko! (In 2014, Petro Poroshenko received communion in the Cathedral of the UGCC near the head of the Uniate Svyatoslav Shevchuk – Ed.)

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko takes the sacrament from the head of the UGCC Svyatoslav Shevchuk

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko takes the sacrament from the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew

Another example: an Orthodox priest cannot serve with a Catholic priest. But recently, somewhere in Ukraine, an “Orthodox cleric” (PCU – Ed.) Served with a Catholic priest.

And here is the proof:

“Priest” PTSU Vasily Kuchirka on the “liturgy” in cooperation with the cleric of the Roman Catholic Church

So, in our age, in the era of the antichrist, some church “leaders” seem to be trying, as we have said above, to bridge the gap to be inscribed in history.

They are not trying to correct existing theological differences through honest theological dialogue, but, arguing that they are allegedly “in love,” they want to lay down the cloak of oblivion for yesterday, so that we extend a hand of reconciliation to each other today.

They call us to betray the holy fathers of our Church, who fought to keep our Lord’s teachings clean and without distortion.

We are urged to throw into the urn the oblivion of our great martyrs and martyrs of our faith, who sacrificed their lives and shed their blood for our Orthodoxy.

We are called to fall into the arms of the Pope of Rome and other non-Orthodox Christians in the name of love.

Pope Francis and Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew

Regarding Orthodoxy, the leader and inspirer of these efforts, unfortunately, is the first person in Orthodoxy, our Ecumenical Patriarch, known as Bartholomew. In accordance with the church protocol, our all-holy patriarch, Kir Bartholomew, covers the path of the traitors’ army with rose petals.

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I repeat once again that with his openness to the Pope, mutual embraces, unacceptable movements and initiatives that happen from time to time, he lines the carpet of betrayal.

But the Pope does not even think about coming back! He is open even more and passionately embraces Muslims.

Want evidence?

Pope Francis and supreme imam of the Al-Azhar Islamic University Ahmad al-Tayyib

Along with other sad events, the Holy and Great Pan-Orthodox Council in Kolymbari, Crete, which gathered in the summer of 2016, became a very significant step of such treacherous behavior.

At this Council we can see two signs of betrayal:

Firstly, he was neither Holy nor Pan-Orthodox, since four Local Churches refused to take part in his work. And consequently, he was neither Ecumenical, nor Pan-Orthodox.

Secondly, they were emboldened to make a treacherous decision: Roman Catholics and Protestants were called “churches,” who by this time had been called “Christian confessions” for centuries.

It is known that the Church is one! She is the same one, which in the days of Pentecost was founded by the Human-lover Lord and Savior of our world, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, in the Creed, we confess our faith in the “One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.” Initially, Roman Catholics and then Protestants broke away from this Church. These “fragments” and “fragments” do not belong to the United Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

These are the branches of the Tree that our Christ has grown. The branches that broke away from the Tree, which is called the Church, and became independent.

Of course, they are called since then Christians, because they believe in Christ, but represent only Christian confessions. They are not worthy of the name “Church”! But, unfortunately, the ecumenical movement, with the blessing of our patriarch, most recently called them Churches.

This, brothers, is the main achievement of the ecumenical movement!

We are urged to throw into the urn the oblivion of our great martyrs and martyrs of our faith, who sacrificed their lives and shed their blood for our Orthodoxy.

On Kolymbari, unfortunately, we ignored our church tradition and Orthodox theological teaching, which consists in the fact that with all those branches that broke away from the trunk of the Church of Christ, we have neither church administration, nor mysterious communion. As we said above, a Catholic believer cannot take the Holy Mysteries in an Orthodox church!

Thus, the modern ecumenical concept leads to a change in the purity of our faith! Today we can often observe cases when Orthodox and Catholic priests will stand together. See the evidence above.

In addition to the above, as a consequence of the ecumenical movement, there are other treacherous steps. For example, the modern theory of post-patristic theology. The hotbed of this theory is located somewhere in the Thessalonian Theological Academy in Thessaly. However, neither space nor time allows us today to deal with these modern treacherous phenomena.

We conclude our thought with the following text about ecumenism, taken from the Internet:

“Thus, the ecumenical movement led to the introduction of Orthodox theological relativism, enriching and turning Orthodox teaching into Protestantism, while it could use the treasures of Orthodoxy, tradition and theology in general, everything that we got from the era of the apostles.

A false union, which is advancing in this way, is not a union in truth (see 3In. 4), which would preserve the Church with One Head, one faith and one Baptism, as the Apostolic Epistle says (Ephesians 4, 5), but “unity in difference” —a mixture of diverse beliefs, rites and cults, which seeks to prove that Christ, the Logos of Christians, is not the One Head of a single harmonious Body, where many believers have one heart and one soul (Acts 4, 32), but by God “of disorder, not of peace”, (1 Cor. 14, 33), which contrary to the word the apostle is divided (“Christ divided” – 1 Cor. 1, 13).

This is a false, superficial unity “in deed”, and not unity in the Lord’s faith, unity and unanimity of the Body of Christ, and it represents the main line of the ecumenical movement, which has not been discussing differences over the last decades, but on the contrary, it is looking for a point of contact and agreement. ”

Today we would like to draw your attention to the problem of ecumenism as a modern traitorous movement and at the same time provide you with a stunning text of the highly respected svyatogorsk, Gerondas Efrem Katunaksky, who provided to the public the eminent professor of dogmatic theology at the Theological University of Thessaloniki Dimitrios Tselingidis.

I ask you to study this text very carefully. This is the voice of Heaven for ecumenism. And I beg you, brothers: be awake! Let’s keep our Orthodoxy undistorted! We should sacrifice positions, social differences, salaries, and even our very life to the glory of our Christ’s Name and our holy Orthodoxy! So: work and pray!

Ecumenism led by unclean spirits

Certificate of Efrem Katunakskogo teacher Mr. D. Tselingidis.

Athos Elder Ephraim Katunak

In continuation, I will add to it my personal testimony. For decades, I associate myself with Father Ephraim Katunak, whose wisdom and character are well known. It is also known that he possessed “spiritual sight.”

As for me, I repeatedly went with the intention to ask some specific questions, and arranged them in the order of their subjective importance and using only my own vocabulary.

And when I came to him, he answered me in the exact same sequence of counter questions and within the framework of the vocabulary that I had, although I did not even have time to ask him anything. I’m talking about my own personal experience. But this is not something new. So it was with many others.

Since the atmosphere of ecumenism flourishes in the theological school, and especially in Thessaloniki, I have some problematic issues, because I saw that, among other things, respected professors also represent it.

Of course, my conscience and my own knowledge resisted, but I wanted, besides the scientific point of view, to get a charismatic answer, to which I resorted in many other matters. And that is why I asked him if the gerond could tell me what ecumenism is.

He answered me unequivocally and without difficulty: “This question, my child, I was asked before you. I have been here on the rocks for 40 years. I even forgot my Greek. But I was not interested in this issue. Having to give an answer, having only one question, but without having any opinion on this matter, I then went to my cell, prayed and asked Christ to tell me what ecumenism is. And I received the answer: Ecumenism has an evil spirit and it is ruled by unclean spirits. ”

I asked him how he made sure of this, to which he replied: “After the prayer, my cell filled with an unbearable stench, and it choked me and my soul so that I could not breathe spiritually.”

I asked him if this was an exception or if Christ responds to him in other similar cases, and he assured me: “In all cases related to magic and unclean spirits, exactly this testimony is taught to me. Sometimes there is a verbal answer, but the previous case was exactly the answer, and I am absolutely sure that ecumenism does not have the Holy Spirit, but has an unclean spirit. ”

I will tell you that I was very happy, because what he said to me personally, I saw in the publication made by his pious environment, which speaks about his personality, spirituality and sayings.

This testimony played a decisive role in my attitude towards ecumenism. As a professor and scholar, I, of course, always have to question the subject, guided by the criteria of scientific character, and document my own opinion from a scientific point of view, which I take step by step in my lectures. But I believe that this testimony is very important because it is taught in a charismatic way from a person who knows nothing about this problem, has not read or heard anything, but testifies through his own spiritual experience. I think it speaks for itself.

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