They deceived the treacherous Greeks: experts on ecclesiastical law were horrified by the content of Tomos

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Ukrainian experts on canon law analyzed the text of the Poroshenkov tomos and drew the following conclusions:

Published text tomos Bartholomew. Congratulations to the supporters of autocephaly! You got what you wanted.

1) A PCU will not have the right to establish foreign dioceses and parishes.

2) The controlled territory of the HCV is limited only to Ukraine (Fanar as a “loving mother” who “always diminished herself, sacrificing parts of her jurisdiction happily, reducing herself in order to serve the needs and interests of her children” did not want to dismiss the HCV as an “autocephalous Ukrainian church” “UOC in Canada and UOC in the USA, which remain under the control of Constantinople).

3) All existing dioceses and parishes in other countries (formerly the UOC-KP and the UAOC) are now subject to Constantinople.

4) Constantinople will be the highest authority in the resolution of disputes within the CCA.

5) The charter of the CCA should comply with the provisions of the tomos.

6) The Autocephalous Church of Ukraine, according to Tomos, recognizes the throne of Constantinople as its head.

7) The CCA is obliged to take part in all meetings held under the auspices of Phanar and at which important issues of church life are discussed (now the PCH cannot refuse to participate in councils held by Constantinople under any pretext; even if this will threaten the loss of tomos).

8) PCU will receive the world from Constantinople for the manifestation of spiritual unity with Phanar.

9) To resolve important questions of a canonical, dogmatic, ecclesiastical nature, the head of the CCU should contact the Patriarch of Constantinople.

10) The rights of Constantinople to exarchate (!) And Stavropegia in Ukraine are claimed in the Tomos.

Excellent autocephaly, comrades! – experts say with irony.

The head of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Mass Media of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legoyda, summed up the published document: “if quite briefly, this is, of course, not autocephaly. The rest is details. ”

In addition, experts note that the Tomos, despite the earlier promises made by the President of Ukraine, requires the renovationist structure to commemorate Patriarch Kirill. Also, many noticed that the document for some reason entered the name of the Poroshenko.

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