The Integrity Initiative claims to be a group fighting back against ‘Russian misinformation,’ but leaked files show a clandestine network of influencers that manipulate European politics with the British government’s backing. Formed in 2015, the Integrity Initiative (II) was set up by the UK-based Institute for Statecraft – a national security think tank – to “reveal and combat propaganda and disinformation.” But think-tanks like the Atlantic Council have been picking through RT articles and monitoring Twitter for what they deem is “wrongthink” for some time now. What’s different about this one? Well, according to documents leaked online this month, the II is more than just a network of like-minded neoliberals. It’s a large-scale “information service”, whose influencers are drawn from political, military, academic, and journalistic communities, and answer to the British government. The setup A project proposal form, signed off on by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office,…

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