The tremendous fate of the real prototype Vereshchagin from the “White Sun of the Desert” (PHOTO)

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The customs officer Vereshchagin from the famous film had a bright prototype.

“Peacocks, you say …”

This episode from the “White Sun of the Desert” we, of course, remember by heart.

Customs officer Vereshchagin You got into whose house? Answer me!
Petruha (shaking off, almost in a whisper). I do not know…
Customs officer Vereshchagin (puzzled). Are you not heard about Vereshchagin? I lived … There was a time, in these parts, every dog ​​knew me (pours himself a cup of moonshine), held it like that (shows fist). And now forget …

The episode is almost completely taken from life.

The end of the 1920s. The site of the Hermabian border guard detachment of the Transcaspian region. Drunk by the revolutionary slogans “Land to the peasants, factories to the workers!” The border guards fled to their homes in Ryazan, Tambov, Smolensk … The border is open, there is no one to protect it, the Basmachi and Persian smugglers do what they want.

But more recently, this soverstny section of the border was considered exemplary: disciplined soldiers, excellent contact with the local population, its own pig farm, a pond with crucians, peacocks …

In impotence, the commander of the frontier detachment, Mikhail Dmitrievich Pospelov, turned his house into a fortress, put a bomber (a mortar in the present) at the door, stored the remaining ammunition, provisions, fodder for horses, trained his wife in defense …

From the song you will not throw out the word – and the moonshine jammed Because the power is insulting!

Customs officer Pavel Vereshchagin from the movie “White Sun of the Desert” is still the favorite hero of millions of Russians.

Once, just like in the movie, uninvited guests showed up. The trinity of former colleagues, befuddled not only with freedom, decided to settle accounts with “your nobleness.” Pospelov was arrested, put in a basement with a specially unlocked window: we agreed to slam a “counteraction” while trying to escape. But Pospelov all night serenely husked the sunflower seeds, and when he stuck in the door in the morning, the “revolutionaries” and the trace caught a cold. Sobered up, ashamed of their betrayal …

Pospelov was arrested, put in a basement with an unlocked window – to slam when trying to escape. And all night he quietly husk sunflower seeds.

The incorruptible commander was called Basmachi only as “Has matured, the son of shaitan and his horsemen.”

Is it any wonder that the scriptwriters of the film thoroughly studied the biography of the legendary frontier guard: he served at the same time and in the same places where the action of the “White Sun of the Desert” unfolds.

By the way, the actor Pavel Luspekaev, who played Vereshchagin, is a molded Mikhail Pospelov!

The fate of the border guard

Fate was much more merciful to Pospelov than to his screen hero.

After the visit of the uninvited guests, Mikhail Dmitrievich realized that it was stupid and unsafe to sit at home. Of the local residents and the fighters who did not manage to scatter far, he made a new frontier detachment, restored the frontier and began to fight with the Basmachis.

The Soviet government, established in the Transcaspian region, gladly accepted its division into its ranks, appointing the head of the 35th frontier brigade.

In 1923, Pospelov created and headed the border school in Ashgabat. And in the mid-20s, together with Academician A. Fersman and geologist D. Shcherbakov, organized a 500-mile march into the depths of the Kara Kum in search of sulfur, badly needed by Soviet industry. The exhausting expedition was marked by a tremendous success, discovered sulfur reserves of several million tons …

After retiring, Pospelov worked as a fire department head at the Central Library in Tashkent. He died on August 10, 1962, after living for 78 years.

Sophia, the wife of the commander of the frontier detachment Pospelov, was able to handle both horses and weapons

The role of customs officer Vereshchagin brought Pavel Luspekaev a real, but short-lived triumph. Pavel Borisovich had less than two years to live. The wounds of a teenager front-line soldier, deprivation in a partisan detachment, where during one of the operations he froze his legs, had an effect. Luspekaev had several fingers amputated; during the shooting of the film he could not take more than 20 steps …

Pavel Borisovich died from a rupture of the heart aorta in 1970 at the age of 42 years, buried in the Northern cemetery of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg customs officers took charge of the grave of the actor, his name was given to the Lugansk Drama Theater, at the Film Festival “Kinoshok” was awarded a special prize named after Pavel Luspekaev …

He lives the name of his film character – the ship Pavel Vereshchagin is assigned in Vladivostok; a monument in honor of the Russian customs officers is opened in Moscow at the headquarters of the Federal Customs Service: Pavel Vereshchagin is on the launch with a Mauser in his hand. The famous phrase is stamped on the monument: “I don’t take a bribe, it hurts me for the Power!”

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Sergey Emelyanov

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