The threat of a coup: the Moldovan military are moving to the side of the opposition – sourc

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“We, servicemen of motorized infantry brigades, as well as veterans of the National Army of Moldova and patriots of our state who served in the armed forces, in order to protect the independence of the Republic of Moldova and the rights of the Moldavian people united in the organization“ Union of Salvation of Moldova ”.

Our formation was created by people who are ready to defend the Moldovan state with arms in their hands.

We pledge to prevent large-scale falsification of the results of voting in parliamentary elections, violation of the Constitution and the republic’s entry into NATO, unification with Romania and the invasion of foreign troops into the country’s territory.

We respect the opinion of Transnistrian residents and are categorically opposed to any military actions in the region, and also clearly realize the impossibility of uniting the two banks of the Dniester before normalizing the situation in Moldova and consider the territory of the region to be a “temporary independent state”.

The text of this letter has been agreed with all members of the organization and is the official appeal of the organization to representatives of the executive authorities of Moldova. ”

This copy of the document was handed over to a journalist of our publication by one of the officers of the motorized infantry brigade of the National Army of Moldova, stationed in the northern capital of the republic in the city of Balti.

Having carefully studied the appeal, we hurried to clarify a number of questions from our interlocutor, trying to understand what this whole “masquerade” with sealed numbered envelopes and murals in the reception, which could not but make the correspondent smile.

“Do not laugh, the situation in the country is more than serious: it is likely that in two weeks the current leadership of the country will falsify the voting results, a new coalition government will be created, bringing together supporters Sandu and Plakhotniuk, and socialist leaders, if they take at least some aggressive movements , arrest specially trained people.

By the way, our authorities are ready to help in the implementation of all these activities a whole brigade from Romania and mercenaries from Ukraine, Poland and even some countries of Western Europe and the USA! Now it’s not so funny to you ?! ”- our military informant began with a bit of irritation.

“Are you ready to go to a coup d’état and, having seized a weapon, bring your man to power ?!

And, by the way, what is your organization, when and by whom it was created, why nobody knows about it – start “from Adam,” if not difficult, but most people don’t cause your appeal to anything but irony ”, – Our correspondent tried to give the character of this interview.

“Yes, probably, much is worth explaining … So, even at the beginning of this year, during the regular informal meeting with veterans of our brigade, most of the participants agreed with the emotional performance of one of the” former “- still Soviet officers, who said that we are all state criminals since they have made such a situation in the country, there will be no forgiveness for us if people who, according to the Constitution, are obliged to defend the people with arms, cannot oppose anything to the group of people who have seized power.

It was then that our organization was born … A week later, we identified the main “red lines” that we would not allow the government to cross, and agreed that we would call the Union of Salvation of Moldova for beauty.

Yes, today we already have more than 200 people – this is only an asset of the organization, those who have access to arsenals or have the right to bear arms, working in private security organizations.

And until that moment, only the elect were aware of us — imagine how many seconds the counterintelligence officers from the NIB could chop up at the root.

And at the moment, some of them (counterintelligence) themselves are our full members and have promised to let the investigation on the wrong track, ”a member of this“ secret society ”began to bring at least some clarity.

“Well, back to the text of the letter. There are several obscure points: “large-scale falsification” and “invasion of foreign troops” – what did you mean here ?!

“About large-scale falsification, people thought for a long time what language to use here. Unfortunately, it is normal that some state officials and state employees are forced to vote for the ruling party by their leaders.

However, very often this is not done systematically, but on the initiative of an overly responsible leader — our task is not to allow a mass vote-in for the Democratic Party and forcing people to participate at the state level.

As for foreign intervention, the Romanians legally have the right to send troops into our territory – that’s what we’ll fight against them! ”Our interlocutor answered.

“Now it becomes clear what President Igor Dodon had in mind when he warned the government about the inadmissibility of the criminal fight …

It turns out that the army goes over to his side! ”- our journalist began to promote the political line.

“Not! We do not side with Dodon – we stand for the people! Although there are people from predzentura in our organization, ”said the source with a smile.

“At 99.9% within an hour after the publication of the article, you will begin to look for a“ Russian trace, ”moreover, I have already heard that the president met in Moscow with the notorious Yevgeny Prigozhin, which means that you will also try“ bloody the hand of Moscow ”and people from PMC“ Wagner ”…” – the correspondent of our publication decided to add a provocative note.

“Rave! You know, the popular saying in Russia is popular: “you smoke, you drink and not married – it’s Putin’s fault”; “Got a deuce at school? This is Putin who got bored ”and so on. Well, what is the “Russian trace ?!”

We are in favor of Moldova, not Russia, and we have not received any military assistance from Moscow, and we do not expect to receive it!

Moreover, we are going to fight against any foreign invasion, ”the interlocutor said harshly and even somehow unfriendly.

“Although Dodon should have created his own small army …” the officer added meaningfully.

“What about Transnistria ?! Here, explain your vision of the situation, ”the correspondent decided to finally clarify.

“And there is nothing to explain here. For today – TMR „temporarily independent state“ is time; There will be no unification this year – these are two, and our main goal – to prevent war in the region – is three.

That’s all that can be said on this issue, ”our interlocutor summarized the conversation and hurried to review his personnel.

Ps. Within a couple of hours, our interlocutor reported, perhaps the most important thing: similar letters were sent to the president, the chairmen of parliament and the government, as well as to the minister of defense.

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Interviewed by Alexander Medvedev, Moldova

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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