SHANGHAI, Aug. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In its latest international partnership, the oldest of the “Big 4” TCM brands celebrated the opening of the GuangYuYuan TCM Medical Center at the House of Roosevelt in Shanghai. The opening ceremony was the latest in a series of cultural exchanges initiated by GuangYuYuan in an effort to share Traditional Chinese Medicine with the world.

Guo Jiaxue, Chairman of Topsun Group and Head of GuangYuYuan Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. explained the significance of this collaboration: “With nearly 500 years of history, we are about more than just Traditional Chinese Medicine. We represent the preservation of our national heritage and in the spirit of ‘One Belt, One Road,’ sharing TCM culture with the world. The Roosevelt family also makes considerable conservation efforts and continues to make investments around the globe.”

Tweed Roosevelt warmly congratulated GuangYuYuan on the opening of the GuangYuYuan National TCM Medical Center. The intimate event was attended by approximately 100 guests from home and abroad including: the President of the Shanghai Medical Association Xu Jianguang, Deputy director of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission Zhang Huaiqiong, Executive Vice President of Shanghai TCM Association Hu Hongyi, Deputy District Chief Official, Li Yuan, Consul General of Egypt Khaled Youssef, Consul General of Greece Vassilis Xiros.

About GuangYuYuan

GuangYuYuan was founded in 1541. In 2003 it was acquired by a leading Chinese pharmaceutical conglomerate, Xi’an Topsun Group, and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the name GuangYuYuan Chinese Herbal Medicine Co. Ltd., stock number 600771. In 2006, GuangYuYuan was honored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, receiving its “Time-Honored Brand” appellation. Two of GuangYuYuan’s oldest products, GuilingJi and Dingkun Dan, have been declared to be part of China’s intangible cultural heritage and their formulas have been named national secrets.

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