From November 3, TNT-PREMIER From November 6, TNT will launch the new season of the series “Olga” (16+). In the new season, Gosha Kutsenko will try to glue the broken heart of the main character, while Pavel Maykov will fight with Jurgen and Chicha.

Olga (Yana Troyanova) is still in a knockdown. Who would have thought the once kind and courteous driver of the hearse Grisha (Maxim Kostromykin) gave a turn from the gate. And in a rude manner: “You are good, but I do not love you and I will not be with you.” How to live after this? The recipe from Olga is always simple – squeeze the bread and move on.

To defrost the heart of the main character is taken by businessman Volodya (Gosha Kutsenko), a mattress king on a jeep – a man is brash and cheeky, just like Olga.

Almost from the very beginning, the couple approaches so much that … Olga faces Volodya without a bra, and he is completely naked before her. On the snow! The driver of the hearse or the owner of an SUV – Olga has not yet faced such a choice.

By the way, Volodya is driven by Lena’s loving sister (Alina Alekseeva). She gave birth to little Pushkin from young Pushkin (Philip Ershov). And Olga threw not only troubles with the baby, but also the candidate for Grisha’s place.

Anya (Ksenia Surkova) begins to repeat Olga’s fate and very early becomes a single mother, because Gopnik Andryukha (Sergey Romanovich) flew to Minsk, unable to bear the burden of responsibility. Other unreliable guys begin to curl around the discouraged Ani. The girl drowns the grief in alcohol. And all this “happiness” also falls on Olga’s shoulders, accustomed to the loads. Where to get away from the problems?

And then there was some lame man (Pavel Maikov) settled in the next apartment and filled up a common corridor with junk. Dealing with the boorish neighbor is called Jürgen (Vasily Kort

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