In the hostel MGSU (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering) there was a mass brawl, as a result of which five students were injured.

As it became known to the “Russian Spring” , a fight took place in the fourth hostel of MGSU at the address: Yaroslavskoe highway, 26, block 4

Reportedly, all injured are Chinese citizens. In total, about twenty foreigners, students of MGSU, participated in the scuffle.

The cause of the mass brawl was a domestic conflict – the guests from Afghanistan did not share beds with bedside tables with the Chinese.

The students went out to understand the street, where five citizens of the PRC were expecting about fifteen Afghans. Even the knowledge of combat kung-fu could not help the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire with such a significant numerical superiority of the enemy.

The police arrived at the scene, doctors help the victims. In fact, a mass brawl is preparing a criminal case.

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