The guy swam: about the star comedian candidat

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Blogger and publicist Alexander Gorny, living in the Crimea, is about the dubious prospects of the coming to power in Ukraine of the “starred brutal comedian” Vladimir Zelensky.

Some charm Zelensky candidate, which was not just me, passes. After his tough conversation with Poroshenko on the phone , and that bitterness, and political star, who just climbed out of the brutal comedian during their conversation, I felt a little scared for Ukraine.

The image of the president-teacher Goloborodko, according to which many perceive Zelensky, as a presidential candidate for me personally collapsed. It’s one thing in the movies to iron and knock terror, and another thing is life.

It is rude, tough and without respect, which, at least, sometimes it is necessary to show for the sake of polite to the public to his opponent and at the moment the current president of the country. The image of a brutal comedian candidate is certainly cool, but thinking people voting with their minds, not their hearts, should think.

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Has not yet become president, and the pressure is already squeezing out of him not the best human traits and substances. I am afraid that Zelensky may not pass the test of power.

Yes, and with maturity, Vladimir Alexandrovich is not very, and this is a very necessary condition for any person who climbs the boss, not to mention the presidential post.

Of course, a good actor will play both maturity and whatever, but the answer to the question “Hu from Zelensky?” Is much more complicated and uncertain than the answer to a similar question with respect to Vladimir Putin at the beginning of his reign.

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The choice of Ukraine is now small and with any of the candidates who won in the second round, Ukraine will have bread, and Russia, too.

I do not like Poroshenko, he is a provocateur that we have seen more than once, but there is an element of predictability, but what about the guy from the Quarter 95? I am afraid that everything is difficult there, unless, of course, someone will not write Vladimir the correct script for every day. Will this someone and who he is?

“The servant of the people” can one term and propetit, and so, I’m afraid of being in trouble. Is he the guy for whom he pretends to be and is now needed by Ukraine, or is it just an image that most Ukrainians are in love with, and our liberal public, who yearned for change.

Many will say what a difference you are, Gorny, live in your Russia, in the Crimea and be happy there. On the one hand, this is true, but on the other hand, a violent and unpredictable neighbor is always a problem, as we saw in the example of chocolate Petro, who bombed the unbeaten Donbass, organized provocations and political shows.

I am sure that it is much easier for the Kremlin to butt with Poroshenko than with Zelensky, but here little depends on us. It will not be boring with Vladimir Alexandrovich, and this is also a plus, as well as a minus, but the guy has already floated.

blogger Alexander Gorny, Crimea

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