The former republics of the USSR are under the gun: American military adventures in Central Asia (PHOTO)

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Multi-vector policy in the modern world is a popular phenomenon, and so much so that it sometimes goes against common sense.

The countries of Central Asia are proof of this. Their desire to please the West and remain at the same time in a friendly embrace with Russia and China can only be envied.

But few people know that some of the Asian republics of the CIS have long crossed the line of what is permitted …

Washington has always had views on Central Asia and, losing the geopolitical advantage in the Middle East, has enhanced the effect of its presence.

The allocation of millions of gosdepovskih dollars for propaganda and the fight against the influence of Russia in the information space and the activation of NGOs is only the beginning.

The real blow to the calm of Moscow, the United States made, concluding several strategic agreements with key players in the region.

In the fall of 2017, Nazarbayev traveled to the United States, where he agreed with Trump on the transit of goods across the Caspian Sea through Kazakhstan to Afghanistan.

Such maneuvers have already led to the presence of the US Army in Central Asia. Then, after renting the airfield and the Manas base in Kyrgyzstan, the Americans and Co. were confident there, even after the rental was terminated.

The same situation can occur in Kazakhstan, where today a system of anti-Russian propaganda has been established. The appearance in the media of information about possible bases in the west of the country is not unreasonable. This is a tidbit for the United States, which they will definitely use.

In 2018, Russia actively encouraged CSTO partners to help our troops in Syria. Then Moscow put accents on the threat from militants, immigrants from Central Asia. This was presented as a gesture of goodwill from Moscow, but so far no one, except Armenia, has responded to this appeal.

However, instead of the promised real combat experience, Yerevan actually sent medical and sappers to Syria.

Under the banner of fighting international terrorism, while our Moscow leaders merely warned Asian partners about the dangers of ISIL *, the US was preparing Kazakh units for combat operations.

For example, at the end of 2018, Operation Navid-8 was conducted in northwest Afghanistan.

For the first time, the special forces of the Armed Forces of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and the United States jointly participated in it.

The English-language media wrote that the new partners from Kazakhstan are well trained, equipped, work well in the mountains and on the flat terrain, and use modern weapons.

The Kazakhs have such a unit only in the Defense Intelligence Directorate. These units were seen for the first time in Iraq when the embassy was evacuated.

The fighters of the same elite unit were among the leaders at the world competitions of snipers in Fort Bragg (USA) and carried out the seizure of an armed group of militants in the mountainous areas on the Kazakh-Uzbek border in 2014.

Then it seemed a frank deo.

However, later it turned out that the military of Afghanistan and Kazakhstan really have close contact.

The first leak of information about cooperation appeared in August 2018, when the press spread information about the participation of the special forces of Afghanistan in the international competition “Golden Owl”.

However, then the Afghans in the competition were not seen.

According to our information, the Afghan military under the guise of competition, together with the special forces of the GRU of Kazakhstan, conducted hidden exercises in the Alma-Ata region.

And taking into account the current situation in the region and the growth in the revitalization of ISIS militants near the borders of Central Asia, this step is fully justified.

The United States is successfully conducting an operation to distance our southern neighbors, which, by the way, have recently spoken openly.

A clear contender for the role of a strategic partner is pulling a renewed and rejuvenated Uzbekistan. It is Tashkent that can become attractive for opening new US bases.

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Armed Horses, for the Russian Spring

* terrorist organization banned in Russia

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