The enemy took Hitler's mistake: How they destroyed the USSR and want to destroy Russia

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The most effective contactless means of destroying a person or a state is slander.

That is why in the merciless struggle for power over the world, the West has relied on the media.

At the same time, thousands of sources spreading false information for a long time can crush the most untainted reputation, can discredit anyone – both sinless and holy. An honest person has no defense against defamation, except for a good name.

But the good name, unfortunately, is too vulnerable and is for moral parasites the most valuable product in terms of accessibility, nutrition (self-assertion and self-promotion) and impunity.

Unlike valuable biological structures, the good name has no visible defense mechanisms (quantity, regeneration, etc.).

The state possesses institutional mechanisms of protection, but as can be seen from the example of the USSR, even a great moral authority can be destroyed by painstaking, malevolent work on finding and applying the methods of its artificial decomposition and atrophy.

After World War II, when the prestige of the USSR in the world was inaccessible and seemed immutable, the Depth power was forced to create a very complex structure in the USA to counteract Soviet influence – the CIA.

In fact, after the West lost the war on the physical destruction of our country, a “ministry” of curatorial and warding of malicious research was created, extensive in time and aimed solely at systematically undermining the global prestige of the giant of humanism, the winner of fascism – the Soviet Union.

First of all, in the eyes of the population of the United States and the West as a whole. The entire structure of the state, in all its complexity and versatility, strength and beauty, became the subject of study by Western scientists of all possible specialties.

The main tasks were:

– generation and propaganda of lies and falsifications directed against the communist ideology, the state, individual institutions, statesmen and later spread throughout the history of Russia;

– organization of informational and institutional support for appropriating other people’s merits, initiatives and victories (World War II, friendship of peoples, equal opportunities for all …), as well as justifying and “ennobling” their own crimes and criminal intentions;

– the transformation of social achievements and humanistic aspirations ostensibly into the insidious cover of the anti-human essence, and the USSR itself into an “evil empire”;

– search for weak points for permanent sabotage and sabotage and for the application of a future decisive blow;

– exploring strengths, for borrowing / appropriation …

By the way, Soviet achievements are still appropriated. For example, several years ago, in some English-speaking countries, the Timurov movement was introduced in schools.

Naturally, with a different name, but the essence is the same – bringing up humane motives in children through selfless assistance to the elderly. Playing in the long run, the CIA created / supervised hundreds of research centers and specialized “ministries” in the West to work on this most important task.

Serious attention was paid to the psychology of the individual and the psychology of the masses, which allowed, coupled with extensive experience of colonialism and wars by proxy, to bring to perfection the key means of hybrid warfare — the malicious, believable falsehood (LPL).

From that moment on, there was a unique opportunity to destroy states from the inside, and not by strangers, but with their own — the victim’s very own — hands. The bloodless injection of poison ZPL under the guise of “freedom of speech” worked “miracles”.

Before reaching the USSR, the run-in of “color” coups with the ZPL technology was worked out in Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe …

This activity of the CIA, in fact, laboratory, is similar to the development of biochemical technologies with animal experiments, but only experiments were conducted on humans and not for humane purposes.

Apparently, therefore, V. Putin once, speaking of the obvious intentionalness of exacerbations of social contradictions in countries condemned to a color revolution, said something like: “It reminds me of experiments on mice in cages …”

All types of human activities, primarily humanitarian (history, literature, art, religion, psychology, information …), were subjected to malicious perversion.

Corrupt scientists (the heirs of Faust) skillfully introduced the LPL under the guise of controversial and controversial issues in all sources of knowledge, causing controversy, controversy and, as a result, the split of society.

Fooling with fiction brought people to the destructive cult of “newly discovered facts”, “finally recognized truth” and the sources of their distribution, to fanatically reject all previous knowledge, experience and, eventually, turned people into zombies.

Sometimes this happens with people in ordinary life and without external intervention, under the influence of a mental disorder.

Under certain conditions, such people with external deceptive normality become quite convincing in the presentation / imposition of their chimeras, they can manipulate others and “draw into their neurosis,” or even into psychosis (like Hitler).

It is this type of “faust” disorder that has been chosen as a benchmark for informational and psychological modeling of the leaders of the fifth columns in the countries scheduled for destruction.

The rest of the “fans” of pseudo-changes and false revolutions fell under the influence of “new moods” due to a set of ordinary human weaknesses and imperfections innocent in peaceful life.

For example, in 1993, in the NTV report from the scene (live) about the storming of Ostankino, a voice-over reported the shooting of some snipers at the television center building from neighboring houses.

In the same frame, that is, on the TV screens, traces of tracer bullets were seen, heading from the roof of the Ostankino television station along Korolev Street.

This suggests that a blatant lie “knows” – people believe more in what they hear than in what they see.

It means that people spontaneously trust the completed forms of presenting information in order to spend less time and energy on thinking, which, moreover, can lead to an error.

Consequently, passive perception dominates active, and the desire to navigate well in rapidly changing events, to have an opinion, but not to look stupid, pushes a shift of personal responsibility (transformed into blind trust) to the source of information. What scammers need.

To know such things, to develop technologies for its use and methods of surrogate training for performers (journalists, TV reporters …), can only cynical scientists of Western special services.

N. Kasperskaya: “… the text (graphic) is replaced with different visual ways of conveying information and in a different way teaches us to perceive this information.”

In order to be replaced, in conjunction with voice-over text to control the world, no more and no less.

Another television reception. At the end of the 90s, the federal channel shows the announcement of the final informational release, in one of which A. Lukashenko plays hockey.

It would seem that nothing bad, a person is engaged in sports, shows a good example … The offscreen text: “Lukashenka again plays hockey. One innocuous word “again” and a good, proper thing turns into an auxiliary background for creating a negative image of the Belarusian President.

And for 25 years, the media spread rot to Lukashenko. And these are only two of the thousands of tricks used to deceive millions of people. And not only in the media. The whole “Russian culture” is engaged in forgery, slanderous interpretation.

For the first time, the accreditation of the ZPL was pushed through in the USSR under Gorbachev under the guise of “pluralism of opinions.” The criminally naive secretary general singled out for this several “untouchable” periodicals (“Spark”, etc.).

Humans who did not open up in human terms, who did not succeed in the profession (those who succeeded are smarter and therefore less corrupt), the mediocre and envious intellectuals, who were immediately taken over and turned into zombies by Western special services, became the personnel base of these lights.

Also, aggressive small groups were scrupulously calculated and at one time activated, each of which was provoked by one narrow topic (anticommunism, homosexuality, nationality, monarchism, religion , etc.).

After the trainings on “personal development”, and in fact – on the development of arrogance and megalomania, zombies acquire the necessary verbal confidence and peremptory character. This is an important condition for temporary exposure to the masses.

And the temporary, short-term clouding of the mind and the doubts of the people in the greatness of their country turned out to be enough not to intervene when the consolidation of zombies (traitors, “foreign agents”, small groups, the media …) and active onlookers under the control of Western special services set in motion a coup mechanism. When doubts disappeared – it was too late.

The West reigned supreme in our country and clearly showed in 1993 the execution of the Supreme Council and the succession of “suicides” what would happen to those who want to restore the status quo.

Since it is impossible to completely destroy the common sense of the people and the good memory of the State of Justice by temporary misrepresentation, immediately after the seizure of power, the total destruction (along with politics and economics) of the history and culture of a huge country began.

There was almost lightning lustration (repression) of smart, talented Soviet personnel, replacing them with zombies. No institution escaped violent perturbations and reforms.

The great brainwashing began. The vanguard of the killing of Civilization became the media (cinema and theater after). The scale of brainwashing and emasculation is amazing.

Daily, every minute, well-coordinated, super-intensive humiliation and insult (distortion of the past and present) of the dignity of tens of millions of people who are not anesthetized by false guidelines of enrichment and “liberation” can only give a remote idea of ​​the global nature of the preparatory work of this super-aggression.

No one can even understand, not what to do.

What has the West spent billions of man-hours of its scientists ?! To create hell on earth ?!

At some point in the United States, first of all, the Democratic Party, as being closer to the CIA, began to use these developments in the domestic political struggle.

Naturally, the split of society has intensified significantly. On this occasion, Putin also spoke in the film A. Kondrashov: “they poisoned their own poison.”

Who was poisoned by their poison with us? Who was lifted up by the West to the top of the public pyramid of Russia?

These are intellectual middle peasants, dissatisfied with their fate, who have not resigned themselves to their mediocrity, with the objective role of ordinary, normal people, useful performers.

Their envy of success and the honor of others, generated by the internal friction of self-humiliation and delusions of grandeur, was perhaps one of the main requirements for the “negative selection” of personnel conducted by the West.

Other requirements are a hesitant life position and a vague worldview that speak of self-doubt, the absence of an internal core and the acute need for external support / patronage.

This “support” and thought up hybrid wars technology.

This “support” gave:

– a simple and understandable, albeit false, ideology, as a substitute for the inner core and independence of the worldview, and therefore the illusion of self-esteem;

– the ability to join / cling to the powerful foreign “boss”, or to something “higher”;

– a place of profit, albeit undeserved;

– authority, no matter what artificial;

– and the most valuable gesheft – impunity of condemnation and vengeful hatred of all that, as they thought, they had experienced psychological discomfort for many years (in fact, from their own painful exaggeration of their worthlessness), with official right to punish.

From this, many zombies who came to power fell into dangerous excesses and extremes of euphoria, which reduced the effectiveness of American brainwashing by prematurely returning people to consciousness, instead of deepening mental coma.

Not only mediocrity, but sometimes people, not without abilities, fell into the trap of zombinators, which increased the destructive effect.

And one talented person, for example, Solzhenitsyn, could become the cornerstone of all Western aggression – its artificial: pretext, foundation, law, excuse … What he became.

After the collapse of the USSR, returning to Russia and attempts to bring at least some benefit to it, the interest of the West, and, accordingly, the Russian media, was completely disappeared.

And for the benefit, for constructive creation, it turned out, his talent was no longer capable. Pathetic fate. But the harm for Russia for a long time, if not forever, the West will produce Solzhenitsyn of the committed zombie, if even the Skripal’s fly can inflate a very large and long-lasting elephant.

The West has created a unique corporation of zombie informers. From a writer to a blogger, from a “landmark” novel to daily notes, figuratively speaking, from a ballistic missile to a pellet, everyone has their own genre, their own function.

Information is the main tool of hybrid warfare.

It accompanies all stages of military development. The aggressor always manipulates information, uses its negative values ​​- lies, slander, forgery …

The West took into account the mistake of Hitler, who directly stated the need to subjugate / exterminate peoples and races on the basis of his superiority over them and caused righteous indignation and organized resistance.

Now the West has begun a new colonization, which differs little from the goals of Nazi Germany, but under the guise of virtue.

This is misleading the nations, quantitatively and qualitatively reducing their resistance. This devilish method of slow creeping into the soul with a feigned nobility, is used at all levels of informational aggression.

A vivid example of such hybrid cunning is recent films with good names: “Motherland”, “Brotherhood”, “Holiday” …

All that people “learned” about their country, its history, its leaders … from the West and their zombies – this is one big lie.

But the power of informational aggression is so great that many, even cured of delusions, continue to carry open wounds in their souls with fragments of informational bombs.

Even those who have realized unlimited western cunning on today’s crimes cannot get rid of implanted stereotypes (fragments) of hybrid thinking and continue to condemn the USSR, Lenin, Stalin, Beria, the KGB, the Arts Council and many more. others using hostile terminology.

The structural damage to their nervous systems is so great that they are not able to draw simple parallels: if Putin is not a “bloody tyrant” (after all, we again believe our eyes!), Then why are those who impose this thought right in Stalin’s assessment?

Why is the West wrong in forcing Russophobia, but was right in forcing anti-communism?

Why was anti-communist hysteria used to haunt the Western world in World War II, and Russophobia is perceived as the stated punishment for “bad behavior”?

Is not Russophobia a simple transfer of fire to a new fortified point in the same unjust war of the West against Russia?

Was Ukraine not conceived of as a military continuation of Russophobia, like fascist Germany of anti-communism?

The answers are obvious, but not for those who are forcibly learned to think.

Yes, during the Great Brainwashing, the number of zombies in Russia multiply increased: the darkness is foreignx agents (more recently legal), a bunch of overgrown and spawned small groups, there are no numbers of the planned incidental victims of informational aggression …

And yet, the invisible mechanisms for protecting a good name exist!

One of them is the spiritual harmony of the Soviet ideology, which has embraced all the best that Russia has developed over 1000 years of its history.

Therefore, it is the main goal of the West for 100 years.

It is enough to see how furiously he is destroying it in Ukraine at the hands of the fascists, once again (after the Russia of the 90s) arguing that the information war is comparable or exceeds the greatest in the history of humanity of the Second World War humanitarian crisis in the history of mankind.

Yes, there is no more than the country about which we sang: “You give to all nations the Light of high kindness.” But we survived! A miracle! So, there is hope! Bravo, Russia! Bravo, Putin!

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Pavel Gortakov, especially for Russian Spring

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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