WUHAN, China, November 28, 2018 / PRNewswire / – The promotional video for the Chinese city of Wuhan, whose main “hero” was the East Lake, was presented at the China International Conference of the Twin Cities in November of this year. The video presentation was a smashing success on popular video platforms in China, including Yangtze River Daily, Xinpianchang, Hubei TV and Wuhan Broadcasting and Television. By noon on November 16, the cumulative number of views of the video reached 100,000. Over 1,000 users posted comments.

High-resolution photos and a high-quality video report are available in a multimedia press release:

Li Sheng, a screenwriter and director who was one of the co-authors of Wuhan’s video presentation, entered the video creators team. Since April of this year, the 74-year-old Li Sheng has been making weekly visits to the environs of East Lake, drawing inspiration from its calm waters. The result of the semi-annual work was the text-annotation for the video with a volume of 1,768 words. Shu Bansin (Shu Bangxin), an expert in classical Chinese philology, praised Li Sheng’s essays on East Lake and Wuhan as examples of classical literature, while noting that the former is even better than the latter. Mr. Lie put into these texts all his love for this city. The authoritative historian Dan Simin (Deng Siming) also praised Li Sheng for his work.

The granddaughter of the creator of East Lake Park, Zhou Cangbai, and the daughter of famous Chinese opera soprano soprano Zhou Xiaoyan, Ms. Zhang Wen, congratulated Mr. Li early on the morning of November 16, three times with admiration repeating: “It is so beautiful!”. The words of Li Sheng deeply touched her and made her proud of the creation of his great grandfather. During her last visit in April of this year, she barely recognized the transformed park. “The video is a great way to tell as much of the audience as possible about East Park and Wuhan as a whole.”

Photographer Guo Dagong, a nephew of Zhou Xiaoyan, noted that the text and video in the presentation complement each other so perfectly that they “force the audience to fully immerse themselves in the boundless world of imagination.”

“I had no idea that such a treasure was hidden in the very center of Wuhan. This lake reminded me of the film Avatar,” commented one of the viewers. “A lot of shots were a complete surprise to me despite the fact that I have been living here for many years. How did they manage to find such an unusual perspective?”, Another one was amazed.

Shooting and post-production was performed by Huke Image. All members of the film crew are representatives of the generations of the 80s and 90s of the last century,

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