The company SI Group has announced a new leadershi

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SKENEKTADI (SCHENECTADY), New York, November 5, 2018 / PRNewswire / – SI Group , a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance additives, technological solutions, pharmaceuticals and chemical intermediates, today announced changes in the composition of its leadership. New personnel changes followed the acquisition of the SI Group by a private investment firm SK Capital Partners with specialization in the field of chemical products, pharmaceuticals and specialty materials. The acquisition was completed on October 15, 2018. As part of the transaction, the new owner received not only the SI Group, but also the Addivant – the portfolio company SK Capital, founded in 2013, is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialized additives. The new united company is represented on the market under the brand of the SI Group, and its management team includes:

  • Frank Bozich, Chief Executive Officer, SI Group
  • John Steitz, Chief Additives Officer
  • Chris Cornille, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Services
  • Brooke Manrique, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communications
  • Tom Masterson, Senior Vice President, General Consulting and Regulatory Affairs
  • Wei Ru, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Process Technology
  • Paul Tilley, Senior Vice President, Chemical Intermediates and Resins for Industrial Use
  • Patrick Weinberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Rich White, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and HSE

In addition, the structure of the new company includes several strategic commercial divisions, each of which will specialize in a specific group of products and innovations, as well as in creating a first-class customer relationship management system. The leaders of such units will be:

  • Katie Ellet, Vice President, Petroleum Solutions Division
  • Philip Ingham, Vice President, Industrial Resins and Specialty Products
  • Robert Kaiser, vice president of rubber and adhesives
  • Chris Roberts, Vice President, Fuel and Lubricants

The general management of the activities of the SI Group is carried out by Frank Bozic and John Steitz, who are reputable specialists who collectively have more than 75 years of experience in the chemical industry. “These organizational changes will allow us to more effectively use the competence and potential of members of the company’s management. The renewed structure of the enterprise provides us with a powerful external focus and creates a platform for closer interaction with our customers, ”commented the head

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