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The scenes depicted in ‘Into the Storm, The Heart of a Popular Revolution’ are not scenes from the prescient film ‘Children of Men‘, though they very well could be from its prequel.  ‘Children of Men‘ appears to be the precognitively derived  sequel to the Yellow Vest Protests. What interesting times we are living in. Contrary […] The post FLORES: Yellow Vests – INTO THE Continue Reading
By Drago Victorien – President Vladimir Putin took part in the annual expanded Board meeting of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and highlighted the work done in the framework of security and what the future has in store. Putin noted a sharp increase in coordinated cyber-attacks on Russia being only 1500 cases annually in 2014-2015 […] The post VIDEO – Major Putin Continue Reading
As the heroic Yellow Jackets in France continue their protests, as Venezuela defends itself from a fascist coup attempt, as the DPR continues to face ukrop nazi attack, where are the good people in the USA who should be standing with us? Are there any left? The post TEXAS: VIDEO – DPR, Venezuela, France’s Yellow Vests & the USA – WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN! appeared first on Continue Reading
By Drago Victorien – When asked by a CNN journalist about the likelihood of a direct US military intervention in Venezuela, Sergey Lavrov took us on a journey about the mantle of ”democracy”, the role of Elliott Abrams and how countries seem to ”not meet democratic standards” when that country’s policies do not fall in […] The post LAVROV: VIDEO – If U.S doesn’t like you, Continue Reading
SPARTAK, DPR – We visited soldiers near my old positions in the village of Spartak on the front lines. Local guys who are strong, brave and ready for whatever comes. They defend not only Donbass but the whole world against fascism. RESPECT! Мы проведали Ñ�олдат возле моей Ñ�тарой позиции в поÑ�елке Спартак на линии Continue Reading
Is Putin the “problem” or was Russia always “evil”? The outtake in this video features Sergei Mikheyev, a political scientist on Tsargrad TV, who states that the West has always generally had a problem with Russia. While Putin himself is the current nemesis – the concept of the “evil empire” is nothing new. In fact, the only time that Western leadership is non-critical of Continue Reading
What if everything you thought you knew - was the complete opposite? What if it isn't Russia that produces the nerve agent Novichok (albeit invented by a Soviet-born scientist more than 2 decades ago); what if it is actually produced in Porton Down laboratory - a mere few kilometers from Salisbury, where the poisoning incident of the Skripals occurred? The post Porton Continue Reading
The Donbass fighter Russel Bentley, who comes from Texas, has published a video that commemorates those who died in the Kemerovo shopping mall fire. Remembrance services took place all over Russia on March 28th, a day of national mourning. Evidently, not only in Russia but former Ukrainian territories too. The post Donbass commemorates Kemerovo victims [Video] appeared Continue Reading