Syrian Army kills over 270 Daesh militants in Al-Suwayda, seizes large cache of US & other foreign made weapons

Syrian Army has killed over 270 Daesh terrorists during an offensive in Syrian Al-Suwayda province, the command of the Russian forces in Syria reported. Russian Defence Ministry reported that Syrian Army has killed over 270 Daesh terrorists and seized a huge stockpile of foreign weapons, including 12 TOW missiles, during offensive in Syrian’s Al-Suwayda province. “During the operation, more than 270 militants were killed, a large stockpile of weapons of foreign production, munitions, shells, mines, including 12 [US-made] TOW anti-tank guided missiles, were seized,” Oleg Makarevich said. He noted that the majority of militants came to the province from the area of At-Tanf, where a US military base is located.

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