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Submission Guidelines

Russophile.org welcomes submissions of articles that directly relate to Russia and Russian affairs. If you are submitting a press release please ensure the message is on point, tailored for our audience and has a direct bearing and focuses on the topic at hand: Russia!

Press Releases will only be published in the press release section of the site and are unlikely to be featured on the homepage. 

All original content and articles that includes proper attribution, are written to a professional standard, are not offensive, factually correct, on topic and of value to our audience is likely to find itself published. However there may be a delay of several days between submission and publication as every submission is manually reviewed.

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Ensure you read the submission guidelines before posting or you risk being banned from making future submissions.

10 Tips

The following tips and facts may help increase your chances of being published on the site.

  • Grammatically Correct
  • Press Releases Accepted
  • Include Image with Attribution
  • No Inflammatory Language
  • Do Not REPOST your article
  • Original Content Preferred
  • Reference Your Sources
  • Link to Alternate Viewpoints