SOTT FOCUS: The Sargon Saga: NPCs, Censorship, And How The Intellectual Dark Web Fought Back

What does the Deep State and the run-of-the-mill NPC have in common? They both worship the Party, Mass Censorship, and the crushing of dissidents. Today there seem to be two primary narratives driving the push for mass internet censorship. One is created for the political ‘intelligentsia’ – those who live on the warfare state and who want the public to continue to subsidize their parasitic lifestyles. It is the fairy tale of Russiagate. The other is created for NPCs – those who live for the welfare state and demand a socialist revolution to subsidize their own parasitic inclinations. It is the fairy tale of ‘hate speech’. In the war on Donald Trump we’ve seen a very clumsy, and opportunistic, attempt to join both sides. By claiming that the warfare state’s arch-nemesis, Russia, elevated Trump to power in order to destroy the ‘welfare state’ and its politically correct culture, we have witnessed the birth of a very deformed ideology.

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