SOTT FOCUS: NewsReal: Senator McCain is Dead! Trump Impeachment For Real? Imminent Syria ‘Chemical Attack’

Senator John ‘The Maverick’ McCain III is dead. This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall look back on the illustrious career of an American hero and titan of US politics, whose indelible contributions to the War Party over four decades have earned him a place in the pantheon of Exceptionalistan.

Also this week: ‘revelations’ in two court cases stemming from the Mueller investigation produced a terrible week for President Trump, spurring the media to again go all out with calls for his impeachment. The Washington Crazies are not actually serious about forcing Trump out, are they?

Meanwhile in Syria, state forces amassing in the country’s northwest to reclaim Idlib province for Damascus are being met – yet again – with the imminent threat of another staged chemical attack, with the Russian government warning that the plot is a pretext for Western powers to launch more airstrikes against Syrian military targets.

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