Soft power against nuclear weapons: the invisible opposition of Russia and the United States in the cinema

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The famous Lugansk writer Gleb Bobrov commented on the situation around the Russian patriotic cinema.

“{ Read } more than relevant material, once again clearly postulating our catastrophic lag in” soft power. “ True, the author did not touch on another important aspect: the active work of the West on the formation of its own identity. For clarity, I collected a list of all non-ordinary films of the “Western” genre, shot in the last five years and more. It turned out nearly two dozens of only rated films, ordinary westerns shot at times more.

1) “Salvation”
2) “Iron grip”
3) “Abandoned”
4) „Bone Tomogawk“
5) “Jane takes a gun”
6) “Fresh water”
7) “Strictly to the West”
8) “Django liberated”
9) “The abominable eight”
10) “Survivor”
11) “In the valley of violence”
12) “Sinners and the righteous”
13) “Maiden”
14) “The Ballad of Left Brown”
15) “Foes”
16) “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”
17) “Brothers Sisters”

Why did I take this particular category? The cinema genre “Western” is a cult niche for the United States precisely because it forms the identity of the American nation – “where we are from”. Therefore, each famous director, each top star considers it his duty to say something new and to declare in this genre. How many did not say, they say, the era of “Western” is over, we see noticeable breakthroughs here literally every decade, if not a five-year plan.

Let’s now calculate the quantity (and quality!) Of our “identity-forming” films for the foreseeable period. What will we consider – historical films like “Viking” and “Kolovrat” or films about the Great Patriotic type of the last “T-34”?

Yes, what examples go far. A few months later we meet the fifth anniversary of the war in the Donbass. By the first anniversary, a long-awaited painting by Renat Davletyarova “Donbass. Outskirts “. Should have been released in 2018, I hope this year will grow together. It’s all. In recent years, the Nebratians not only shot a dozen full-length game films about this war (including those preparing to enter the screens), but even managed to light up at film festivals and get some awards, for example, in Cannes. And the way you are not confused by the failure of their films at the box office. In the ranks of the ATO tens of thousands of Russian-speaking guys from the cities of central and eastern Ukraine. And they not only support their failed state, but also fight for it with arms, giving their lives for this “failed state”, while we laugh at the “kostryulegolovye”. Soft power works, otherwise it would not be invested.

We traditionally trust in “Poseidons”, “Avant-gardes” and “Calibres”, having forgotten a clear lesson from the USSR that lost to soft power and before death killed its Tu-160 and SS-18 into scrap metal.

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