Shocking result: Powder Guns howl because of a collapsed lead

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The famous Ukrainian blogger Max Buzhansky on his page on the social network is very ironic about the results of the first round of the Ukrainian elections.

Do not drink, Ivanushka, you will become a kid, kidnapped the sister Alyonushka. But Ivanushka did not obey, and got drunk like a goat.

Something like this happened with the first round.

Three hundred times they explained to everyone the focus of the mathematical dispersion of votes, they nodded everything, and smashed them to hearts that they liked, it takes a shiver from emotion to the candidates. And, brought to the second round of Peter Alekseevich. Well, they brought and brought, nothing terrible, but with what result?

The result was shocking. The supporters of the President were finally told the truth, they dragged him by the gate to the screen and poked him in the face. 85 percent of compatriots despised them, and even hated them. And this is without the Crimea, part of the Donbass and left to work in the Russian Federation.

Shock! Powder-gunners began to howl, begging to think their heads. It’s strange, you see, for 5 years they were crucified in the fact that only they were allowed to think. History, literature, politics, music, even, only they could determine what is right and what is not.

And then suddenly began to grab shaking hands and beg. They thought and continued to laugh, watching their convulsive attempts to keep afloat with their bankrupt leader. Army-Mova-Vira, threatened literally in 2 weeks to turn into a Resignation-Consequence-Prison. And this perspective makes the tantrum even brighter.

And nevertheless for some reason won not only Zelensky, but also Boyko. Look at his face, looks like a happy triumph? As for me, it is not really. And the twofold advantage over Vilkul does not please, it was obvious to everyone, except for the Oppoblock Akhmetov’s functionaries who were three-throated.

And the nationalists lost …

But how could they, among other things, not have been able to lose, if the Supreme frolicked in their field with a wounded elephant, parasitizing on any topic that could be infringed upon by a slightly less nationalistic electorate? Well, they perfected. Before the second round – 2 weeks. Can you imagine what is happening in the BPP?

You look at a colleague who is collecting a text message and you think to whom he is writing, his wife or Kolomoisky? Life was a bit more complicated than virtuality.

And it turned out that there was not a single place in the country, except for two areas where the President would have won. And the army did not vote. And the pensioners did not buy into the same sop stolen from them. And Dnipropetrovsk region is not choked with delight from the success of the governor, who, do not believe it, is building kindergartens.

You see, gardens, that’s great. But here everyone was born in a country in which the construction of a kindergarten was not something that was not an event – it could not be in principle. And this PR did not take off. In short, the monolith of Peter Alekseevich collapsed on clay feet with a bang, successes were reduced to testing, and breathing became freer.

I do not know about you, I am free. This is the feeling that the CPSU is dead before your eyes, and when I saw it for the first time, the CPSU was dying with great dignity, and not with both … a can in her hands.

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Max Buzhansky

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