Scandal in the Crimea or “Chekhov would be against …” (PHOTO)

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On April 15, the XXXIX International Scientific and Practical Conference “Chekhov Readings in Yalta” was opened in the Yalta Museum of the Chekhov Museum (in the hall of the literary exposition of the Crimean Literary and Art Memorial Museum-Reserve) on the theme “From Pushkin to Chekhov: Classics and modernity”.

The conference was founded in 1954 on the initiative of the sister of the writer Maria Pavlovna Chekhova.

Since the 1980s, the conference has been held annually in April in memory of the Crimean tour of the Moscow Art Theater in 1900 and is a landmark event in the scientific and cultural life of Crimea. In 2019, Chekhov’s reading in Yalta is 65 years old.

The opening of such a significant event was covered by journalists of the Crimean and federal TV channels.

However, the heavy course of the solemn part was interrupted when the turn came to the announcement of the laureates of the Prize to them. A. P. Chekhov, who this year became the Director of the Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy of the Crimean Federal University. Vernadsky Alexander Gluzman and Chairman of the Yalta Jewish Community Vladlen Lyustin.

After a long enumeration of all the laureates’ regalia, delivery of diplomas and flowers, their response was followed, and then the chairman of the Yalta Jewish community, Vladlen Lyustin decided to remind the audience that it turns out (quite by chance) Gluzman’s birthday and decided to give him a present in the presence of everyone. And then Elena Pereverzeva continued to pronounce the praises in honor of the birthday man.

As a result, Sergei Sardyko, editor-in-chief of the Yalta publication, could not stand the demand that the opening of the international festival of the name of the great Russian writer and playwright A.P. Chekhov should not be turned into a farce and the celebration of Gluzman’s birthday, to which Yalta had many questions.

In addition, Sergey Sardyko asked the museum management to explain where the table where Anton Pavlovich was writing his famous “Cherry Orchard” went?

And why, instead of honoring Gluzman, give the floor to the many-year-old house keeper of the Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s house-museum, Alla Vasilievna Khanilo.

However, instead of explanations, the guards pushed the journalist out of the hall.

Nevertheless, the journalist plans to write an appeal addressed to the deputy, member of the State Duma Committee on Culture S. B. Savchenko about the unsatisfactory work of the Yalta Administration in preparing for the international scientific-practical conference “Chekhov’s readings in Yalta” in the A. P House Museum Chekhov in Yalta.

Moreover, the journalist’s discontent was caused by the fact that the obscene graffiti was not erased on the streets of Lomonosov and Kirov adjacent to Chekhov’s estate, public toilets were not working, and sidewalks were broken.

At the same time, the members of the Yalta ROO RK “Anti-Fascist Committee” are puzzled by awarding Gluzman the Chekhov Prize, which is as strange as it would be a strange decision to award the A. Pushkin Prize to Irina Fahrion for her contribution to literary criticism and interethnic consent

Since Gluzman is known for his participation in the violent Ukrainization of the Crimean schools when he was Minister of Education and Science of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and participation in nationalist performances, the Crimeans do not know anything about Gluzman’s literary and cultural merit, therefore this decision by the Yalta administration is absurd and mocking.

I would like to hope that the 65th Chekhov Readings in Yalta, which began with the scandal, will continue without incident, and the city authorities will draw the right conclusions and be more careful in choosing nominees for the awards.

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Nikolay Orlov, Yalta, specially for the “Russian Spring”

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