SC will check the “zone” where the killer of 12 people ate caviar and crabs (PHOTOS)

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The Investigative Committee of Russia will check the actions of the staff of the colony, which contains a gang member Sergei Tsapka.

This is stated in the message on the site office. According to the official representative of the IC, Svetlana Petrenko, a procedural inspection has been organized on the facts of violations of the internal regulations of the correctional institution of the FPS of Russia in the Amur Region by Tsepovyaz.

It is noted that Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Investigation Committee, ordered that the colony officers, “who, judging by the media, seek to alleviate the conditions of serving the punishment to a person who committed monstrous crimes against a person,” would take control of the central office of the department.

Business carving

The scandal around Amur Colony No. 3, where Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz is serving a sentence for the murder of 12 people, broke out the day before. The media published photographs in which the convict ate crabs, eats caviar and cooks kebabs in the industrial zone of the institution.

Pictures were given to journalists by the prisoner’s ex-wife Natalya Strishnaya. She also said that for her free life in prison, Tsepovyaz paid up to three million rubles a year.

According to Contour. Focus, Natalia Strishnaya together with children Dmitry and Oksana is a co-owner of Sozvezdie LLC, which provides food delivery services, as well as Slava Kubani LLC. According to these data, it is the last company – the parent company in the family business.

According to the financial statements of the farm, with a revenue of 1 billion rubles in 2017, the company suffered a loss of 94 million rubles.

As Strishnaya told reporters, her husband sent her bank card numbers, and she transferred money to them, for which she later bought products through an intermediary. Also, a dentist was brought to his colony. Later Strishnaya learned that, despite good financial support, Tsepovyaz in the zone got into debt.

Because of this, scandals began between the spouses, and a year ago they divorced. Now the convict from the colony is trying to sue her family business – the company “Glory of Kuban”.

Photos are authentic

The FSIN confirmed the authenticity of the images, noting that they were taken three years ago. Allegedly, in April 2018, after complaints from Tsepovyaz’s wife, an internal investigation was conducted, and more than one.

“The first test took place back in April, when photographs appeared on the network in which Tsepovyaz eats crabs and caviar and fries kebabs,” explained Valery Maksimenko, deputy director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, RT. “Then it was established that the photos were taken back in 2015”.

At the same time, a check revealed that the previous leadership had made concessions for Tsepovyaz. In particular, he was allowed not to strictly adhere to the established daily routine. In addition, Tsepovyaz was announced 16 thanks. All promotions were subsequently canceled.

The second check, according to the deputy director of the department, took place in the summer, after the appeal of the former wife Tsepovyaz to the prosecutor’s office. The woman reported that her ex-spouse has access to the Internet and mobile communications.

“The staff of the prosecutor’s office worked in the colony,” said Maximenko. – On this fact several employees were punished. But no violations that could lead to the initiation of criminal cases were identified. ”

According to Maksimenko, there will be a third check now. Also in the colony, according to RT, investigators and prosecutors are already working.

Thieves and bosses

RT managed to speak with one of the deputy heads of IK-3, where Tsepovyaz is serving his sentence. According to him, the convict did have indulgence, but under the former head of the colony, who left the service in 2016. “Now there are different orders, and Tsepovyaz is no longer trying any crabs,” he said.

The former leader, Sergey Kartavtsev, who allegedly together with his subordinates favored Tsepovyaz, was unavailable for comment. According to his friends, after his divorce from his wife, he left the village and lives in Blagoveshchensk.

“He worked in the labor inspectorate, then in security, and now he does not appear in retirement and in the village,” one of his friends said.

A source in the security forces explained to RT that the people of the thief in law Gishasho (Georgy Mukbanani) could act as intermediaries between employees of the FSIN and Tsepovyaz.

In 2006, Mukbaniani, while imprisoned, managed to create the Obshchak grouping in the Amur Region, whose members engaged in robbery and theft in the wild, and transferred money to support the so-called “thieves” movement, both in the colonies and beyond.

In 2011, Gishasho was released, and in 2018 he was again behind bars — he created a brigade-brigade brigade in Moscow.

“Now he is serving a sentence in one of the Krasnoyarsk colonies,” the source explained. “But in the Amur Region, his people still have influence in the zones.”

Reaction to complaints

In turn, the lawyer of Natalia Strishney Edward Churgulia told RT that his principal woman wrote the first complaints to the FPS at the beginning of 2018.

“She wrote several letters and complaints to the Federal Penitentiary Service about the conditions of serving imprisonment by Vyacheslav. But the FSIN reacted poorly to this. They began to react only after Natalia applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office. In the second half of this summer, the answer came that there are still violations, ”said RT Churguliya.

According to him, Natalia is now suing her business, which her husband is trying to take away.

“He filed four lawsuits: the first two for 32 million and 9 million rubles for the recovery of rental payments, the third for the recovery of 600 million rubles, the fourth lawsuit for invalidating the marriage contract,” the lawyer explains.

According to him, the last lawsuit sounds very strange: it says that the marriage Tsepovyaz concluded under pressure and that he was left without maintenance.

“But we have documentary evidence of remittances to various cards for its maintenance, for the purchase of products. She transferred money on demand. Products were purchased by an intermediary who lives in Blagoveshchensk, ”explained the defender.

Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz is one of the accomplices of the gang leader Sergei Tsapka, who was operating in the village of Kushchevskaya in the Krasnodar Territory in the 1990–2000s. In 2010, hoes on the orders of the leader attacked the family of farmer Ametov and killed 12 people, including four children.

In 2013, gang members were sentenced to various prison terms. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz received 20 years in prison, later he was reduced to 19 years and 10 months.

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Gennady Zubov, Dmitry Alekseev

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