Say what? Ukraine will demand that Turkey shuts Bosphorus Strait to Russian ships over Kerch incident

A Ukrainian Navy chief has vowed to ask Turkey to close the Bosphorus Strait for Russian warships over the Kerch naval standoff. Moscow wasn’t impressed, as the official cited laws referring exclusively to warring countries. “I’m sure that the international community will make up its mind and recognize that there was an aggression against the state of Ukraine,” commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Igor Voronchenko, said on Thursday. Citing this, and the rules of the Montreux Convention, namely Article 19, we will try to ask the Republic of Turkey for the closure of the Bosphorus Strait, to teach the Russians what it takes to violate international rules,” the official, who used to be a top officer with the county’s national guard and was recently promoted to admiral, said. The bold statement has surely raised some eyebrows in Moscow, since the article he mentioned regulates rules of passage through the Bosphorus Strait for the nations that are currently in the state of war. Some…

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