Russia's ally Marshal Haftar ordered to attack the capital of Libya (+ PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Army, who came to Russia on several occasions, ordered his troops to launch an offensive on Tripoli to “liberate the capital from terrorists,” reports TV channel Libya Al

On the air of the TV channel, the Libyan marshal called on armed people in Tripoli to “lay down their arms and raise the white flag.”

Earlier it became known that the government of national unity (the interim government of the country, formed with the support of the UN Security Council in 2015), holding the capital of Libya, declared general alertness after the announcement of the Eastern forces to move to the west.

Recall that at the end of 2018, Marshal Khalifa Haftar came to Moscow, where he held talks with Defense Minister, Army General Shoigu and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The meeting with the head of the military department discussed security issues in the Middle East region and North Africa, as well as combating international terrorism and resolving a difficult crisis situation in Libya, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Tripoli offensive targets

Interestingly, Haftar announced the beginning of the offensive immediately after the visit of the UN Secretary General in Tripoli, when a conference was to take place in Libya in mid-April.

The head of the Center for Islamic Studies of the Institute of Innovative Development, RIAC expert Kirill Semenov expressed his opinion on this situation:

“The scenario seemed more plausible to me that after the conference ended in favor of Khaftar, this was indicated by much, including its rejection by many of his opponents, who were called“ sold by the UAE ”by the main organizer of the event, G. Salame, then the LNA will begin to suppress groups and factions that disagree with its results. That is, then there would be legitimacy on Haftar’s side.

Now Haftar acts as a rebel who, apart from everything, violated all the agreements with Sarraj and, in fact, didn’t give a damn about UN efforts. To take such a step, you need to have a serious “roof” and full confidence in success, so that you can put everyone in front of the fact, taking Tripoli. This may well be, as well as the fact that he was able to conclude transactions with many factions that will not offer him resistance.

Or, on the contrary, Haftar could go on such an adventure against all the advice and the red lines. It is not excluded that the expectations related to the conference were revised, and its results would, on the contrary, be tied to Haftar’s hands, although introducing him into the legal field. Finally, another option is that while the assault on Tripoli has not begun – these are just threats that will not have a serious continuation, but will strengthen Huftar’s position, making his opponents even more compliant. ”

The war in Libya and the dual power

After the overthrow and assassination of President Muammar Gaddafi on October 20, 2011, civil war began in Libya, and diarchy reigns in the country for many years.

At present, a parliament elected by the people is sitting in the east of the North African state, and in the west, in the capital Tripoli, the government of national consensus, headed by Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, rules with the support of the UN and the European Union.

The authorities of the eastern part of the country operate completely independently of Tripoli and cooperate with the Libyan National Army of Marshal Haftar, who has waged a long-term war with terrorist groups. Now the UN proposes to hold general democratic elections in the spring of 2019, the results of which should lead to the formation of legitimate and universally recognized government bodies.

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