MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. The International Olympic Organization’s (IOC) temporary recognition of the Sambo wrestling as its official event port speaks for the fact that the global Olympic movement duly appreciates the value of this particular sport, Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov told TASS on Friday.

The IOC issued a temporarily recognition for the Sambo wrestling as an Olympic competition earlier on Friday during the IOC Executive Board’s session in Japan’s Tokyo.

“IOC’s temporary recognition [of the Sambo wrestling] speaks for the fact that the international Olympic movement duly values this martial arts fight, which originated in Russia,” Kolobkov said in an interview with TASS. “This is simply a perfect gift dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Russian national sport [of Sambo].”

“It is almost impossible to think of anything better, except for the final recognition [of Sambo], but we all know well that there is still a lot to do before it may happen,” the Russian sports minister added.

Today’s IOC recognition of Sambo as a new sport competition will further provide for a possible inclusion of this wrestling into the Olympic program and to secure a financial assistance on behalf of the global Olympic body.

Sambo wrestling originated in Russia in the 1920s, when soldiers of the then-Soviet Army developed their own hand-to-hand combat technique. The word Sambo is a Russian acronym, which stands for “self-defense without weapons.”

According to latest statistics from the All-Russia Sambo Federation, over 500,000 Russians had been practicing Sambo and the figure included about 230,000 children.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in 2016 speaking about Sambo wrestling and its global perspectives, that the Russia-originated wrestling should be included in the Olympic program, but it would require a lengthy and labor-consuming period.

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