© www.laspace.ru The Spektr-UV space obeservatory. Crooks may have embezzled at least $425,000 of Russian budget money allocated for a $30-million project to create a UV-range space observatory. A police probe into the suspected crime was reportedly launched last month. The Russia-led multimillion dollar-led international corroboration called Spektr-UV is aimed at building and placing into orbit an instrument of similar design to NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope. The Russian counterpart is to have a 1.7-meter primary mirror and will produce images in the 110nm to 320nm wavelength range. Germany and Spain are involved in the project, producing spectrographs for the telescope while Russia is handling the assembly of the craft and its launch. The observatory was supposed to be placed in orbit years ago, but the launch was postponed several times and is now expected sometime before 2024.

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