Russian hi-tech firm demonstrates next-generation fuses at Abu Dhabi defense show

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ABU DHABI, February 18. /TASS/. Techmash Group (part of Russia’s hi-tech corporation Rostec) has for the first time demonstrated fuses for multiple launch rocket systems at the IDEX-2019 defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi, TASS reports from the scene.

Previously, the fuses developed in Russia in recent years had never been demonstrated either inside the country or abroad.

“These are electronic devices that allow calculating the required time with high accuracy, separating the warhead for a specific fuse and ensuring the detonation at the required trajectory point,” Techmash CEO Vladimir Lepin told TASS.

Techmash is also showcasing the impact fuse that in addition to calculating the required time also makes the rocket explode as it touches the ground.

“Upon its contact with the ground, it ensures the detonation and the highly effective destruction of various targets by fragmentation fields. The data are entered in an automated mode, i.e. munitions are in the launcher and entire information is entered into the fuse via the inductive communications system,” Lepin added.

The previous versions were mechanic contact fuses that triggered off only upon their contact with the target.

“Now we can enter the separation time, i.e. ensure the munition’s effective approach to the earth’s surface and create fragmentation fields that allow hitting targets with high accuracy. The fuses demonstrated in Abu Dhabi excel surely by a factor or perhaps by two factors the fuses that were used for munitions for 122mm multiple launch rocket systems,” the Techmash head said.

Techmash is also conducting work on developing next-generation fuses, Lepin said.

While the exhibits on display are semi-intellectual, then the new detonators will be “absolutely intellectual,” he said.

Russian multiple launch rocket systems to get ‘smart’ fuses

The Russian multiple launch rocket systems, including Tornado-G, will get next-generation ‘smart’ fuses whose prototypes will be ready in 2020, the Techmash head said.

Techmash is developing next-generation fuses because four years have passed since the manufacture of the fuse’s current version, he said.

“We already have the accumulated potential that will help develop a more effective fuse. This will be an intellectual fuse, which will be capable of assessing the situation on its own and making a decision on the detonation at the required trajectory point,” he said.

The next-generation fuse prototype may appear already in 2020, the chief executive said.

“The first prototypes, which we can start testing and where we can confirm technical solutions are due to appear next year. Several years will be required for them to go into serial production,” Lepin said.

Techmash specializes in the development and serial deliveries of munitions to provide for the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces’ basic strike groupings. Techmash currently comprises 36 enterprises manufacturing munitions.

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Article Sourced via TASS

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