What is driving America’s anti-Russian policy, the sanctions, backing terrorists in Syria, mischief in Ukraine, plotting against Crimea, Marines in Norway and nukes and missiles everywhere? It makes no sense if the public narrative or narratives are to be believed.

Moreover, what may be most telling of all, is the absolute level of censorship in the US media over issues in Syria, issues that may well push the world to nuclear war. Not only is only one side of the story being told, but social media and the internet itself, has been cleansed of any mention of American complicity in White Helmet abuses, backing al Qaeda and ISIS, redeploying terrorists to Afghanistan or testing and deploying biological weapons against Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

These “cleansed” stories are backed by substantial investigative material, top journalists, whistleblowers and eyewitnesses.

August of 2018 draws to a close with reports out of Russian media that the United States is deploying guided missile destroyers to the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean in order to retaliate against Syria for poison gas attacks that have not yet happened.

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