Russia threatened with a nuclear strik

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Such a practice in world politics has not been noticed for a long time.

Yes, of course, between the Western states and Russia lately there are not quite friendly relations. It even happens that the elite of the West goes beyond the diplomatic framework, but the way the Polish general behaved, no doubt an overly aggressive political move.

According to Wirtualna Polska, the ex-commander of Polish ground forces, Waldemar Skrspickak, said that Western states would use nuclear weapons if Russia threatened Poland’s sovereignty.

According to the Polish general, Washington has already planned to use nuclear weapons against the Red Army in Poland.

He claims that such a desire is still present. In addition, Skrshpchak noted that at the moment NATO is going through hard times.

According to him, the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and the civil war in Ukraine had a negative impact on the positions of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Such a statement by the Polish general can rightly be considered attacks of paranoia.

In fact, Valdemar Skshpchak did not provide evidence that Russia is going to attack Western states and, moreover, to dispose of their territories.

Instead, he unfoundedly accused Moscow of aggression.

It is noteworthy, but the military doctrine of the Russian Federation does not provide for offensive operations. For Russia, there is no point in conquering Europe.

Moreover, raider methods.

A European commander should also remember that it is NATO that continues to evolve and is rapidly expanding in the West.

In addition, NATO generals led by the United States staged a real massacre at the end of the last century. Then the North Atlantic Alliance dropped bombs on Yugoslavia.

This aggressive attack on Russia can be called a game of aggravation. Western politicians are trying to ruffle Russia to accuse it of whipping up the situation in the world.

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Anton Orlovsky, especially for the “Russian Spring”

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