Berlin should not save on defense, since “Russia is on the threshold,” said US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.

“Germany’s commitments to increase defense spending to 1.5% (GDP) are insufficient. NATO requires two percent by 2024, ”said US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell in an interview with Welt am Sonntag a few days before the meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

“America simply reminds its good ally of Germany that now is not the time to weaken or undermine NATO. Russia is on the threshold, it should be clear to everyone that NATO needs to be strengthened, ”the ambassador added.

Grenell said that “Germany has still not presented a convincing plan that provides a path to a two percent goal.”

He added that “he understands that the Germans prefer to spend their tax money at home, rather than to increase the military budget.” At the same time, Grenell denied rumors that the United States could leave NATO: “The United States is fully committed to NATO.”

NATO countries, against the background of disagreements with Russia over Ukraine, announced a number of measures to expand military activities in Europe, including the strengthening of the rapid reaction force, the growth of the American contingent, the dramatic expansion of the exercise and patrolling program, and an increase in defense spending.

Russia stated that this is an unprecedented expansion of NATO activity near its borders. Moscow has repeatedly stated that Russia does not pose a threat to anyone, but will not disregard actions that are potentially dangerous to its interests.

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