Russia bolsters navy presence in Mediterranean off Syria amidst reports of another Western backed false flag attack in the works

Russia has dispatched the largest number of naval vessels into Syrian waters since the beginning of its intervention there, amid speculation that the US might be preparing another ‘chemical attack’ false flag and a missile strike.

Two submarines and at least ten Russian surface warships are currently in the Mediterranean. Many are armed with long-range missiles, such as the frigates Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, which were photographed transiting the Bosporus from the Black Sea on Friday.

Some outlets, such as the Lebanon-based daily Al-Masdar, report there are seventeen Russian vessels off the Syrian coast, the largest concentration since the beginning of Russian intervention in Syria in September 2015.

Russia has dispatched “substantial naval forces to the Mediterranean, including several ships equipped with modern cruise missiles,” NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu told the Israeli daily Haaretz.

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