The U.S. is giving Russia two months to get back in compliance with a 1987 treaty on nuclear weapons before carrying out President Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw from the accord, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo told NATO allies in Brussels on Tuesday. NATO partners agreed with the U.S. position that Russia has jeopardized the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty for years by deploying ground-launched missiles that fall within the banned range of 500 kilometers (311 miles) to 5,500 kilometers. While not echoing the two-month deadline, the 29-nation alliance said in a statement late Tuesday that the Kremlin needs to show compliance “urgently.” Russia denies that it’s violating the agreement. “We must confront Russian cheating on their nuclear obligations,” Pompeo said at the conclusion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting. “Our nations have a choice: We either bury our head in the sand, or we take common-sense action in response to Russia’s flagrant disregard…

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