‘Respond to accusations or resign’: New ethic rules for United Russia party members

© Sputnik / Vladimir Astapkovich The United Russia party has adopted a new set of ethic rules for its members. Now, they are obliged to publicly respond to accusations of wrongdoings and immediately resign from the party if the allegations stand true. The new ethic rules were unveiled amid a convention of the party on Friday. While “most of the party’s members already stick to rules of ethics” State Duma’s deputy Andrey Krasov said, the set of rules targets certain individuals who “might tarnish the image of the whole United Russia party with their actions and statement.” From now on, the party’s members are obliged to treat citizens with respect, support them and try to assist them in solving their problems. They should also refrain from “actions and statements that may lead to the infringement of human rights and freedoms, stand responsible for their remarks,” as well as try and be “modest” in public. Members of the United Russian, accused of wrongdoings should publicly – and…

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