Renowned Donbass military officer replied to Vladislav Surkov

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The famous Donbass military writer and poetess Anna Dolgareva about why Russia is eternal, how current the system is (not) strong, and why Vladislav Yuryevich is wrong.

Vladislav Surkov is a good poet and a good writer. In his acclaimed article about the “deep state” he talentedly creates images and operates with facts, as a result of which there is a sweet and soothing feeling that we live in a calm and beautiful country, enjoying the stability that we pass on to our children and grandchildren.

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I, as though more softly, disagree with Vladislav Yuryevich.

Well, that is, that we live in a beautiful country is an absolute fact. We live in a beautiful and insane country, which categorically does not know how to sit exactly, which gives rise to historical conflicts that have been for a hundred years. We have not had any major shocks and crises for ten years, and we were so surprised that we shouted loudly about stability: some admired, others indignantly. The habit of the opposite was too strong.

If we take from the lowest point of the extremum, somewhere in the nineties lost, our beautiful country now proudly soared up – and, of course, Putin’s merits cannot be denied in this: history will remember him as a person who gathered the country from the Time of Troubles minimum, joined the Crimea. For ten years, nothing has collapsed with a crash, quite the contrary – welfare grew slowly, well, here and there, plus or minus, neither shaky nor hard, but it rather grew, it’s true.

The problem is that the foggy future “after Putin” remains so mysterious that for the time being, speculation about it is the prerogative of writers rather than political scientists.

Oh yeah, after all, Vladislav Yuryevich is a writer!

The thing is this: Putin is a personality of a unique scale, jokingly, state-forming. However, he was not able to build a system that would continue to function without him.

Not. The system of power in today’s Russia does not hold water at all. Putin’s achievements for the good of Russia are rather in spite of than thanks to this system of power.

Putin was Putin when he annexed the Crimea, and Putin was part of the Russian political system when he did not join the Donbass.

Putin will leave – and the Russian political system will become rotten boards that can fall apart from the slightest shock.

If by that time a person of the same scale does not appear on the political horizon – but this person is not yet visible.

Such a personality could be advanced by the Russian left. They have every chance for this, the request for left-wing movement in society is strong and has not yet been implemented: well, not for Zyuganov, God forgive me, vote for a young Russian communist. That is, they still vote for him, but rather, expressing a common red position: anyway, this cute old man will not become president, so at least we will express sympathy for the left movement. So, the left could nominate such a person, but so far, the left of the Russian political party seems to be blowing nothing, they also consider Putin to be eternal.

And the deep-seated people are that deep-seated people … He doesn’t support anyone at all except Russia.

This deepest people conquered Siberia, smashed into Civil, beat a German into the Great Patriotic War – he did not support either kings or presidents, he was, is and will continue, he is Russia itself, and all attempts to draw him into political games are ripples on the water.

And because Russia is eternal.

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